Online ordering:

For online ordering, select the item by clicking the price of the book you wish to purchase and click the option "Shopping Cart", then select from the list your country for shipping. This will automatically update the cost for the item including the postage, allowing you to pay for both. You can pay online through PayPal (via Credit Card or PayPal account). For EU banktransfers ask details.

Tracking code:

Letter and maxiletter-sized deliveries do not come with a tracking code. If you'd like a tracking code added to your shipment, click the tracking code icon in the cart.

= Without tracking code
= With tracking code

This will upgrade your letter to a parcel (all parcel size deliveries come with tracking codes), in most cases adding tracking code will increase your shipping fee. While the untrackable letters are usually delivered with normal daily mails, the trackable deliveries need to be picked up from the post office / Dhl service point, in case courier is not able to deliver it successfully at their time of choosing.

Such trackable shipping option does not equal express mail, and in many cases take at least 2 or more days than what normal airmail does. This can be good to know for those in a hurry to get their orders.

In general the unregistered mails are safe to most countries, and it is not really needed. Only exceptions are countries we have specified: Brazil, Italy and Greece, where tracking is mandatory because of our earlier experiences with their postal services.

Shipping insurance:

Letter and parcel size deliveries do not come with an insurance. With priority parcels, in case of loss or damage, the Finnish post covers in maximum 50 euros in case international priority parcel gets lost or damaged, thus in case your parcels value is higher than 50 euros, we are not able to receive sufficient compensation from the delivery company in case item has been shipped in a standard class.

Courier service Dhl Express offers insuranced option for shipping the larger size and valuable items and insurancing the parcel. The courier shipping covering insurance costs around 160-300 euros depending on the destination country, the weight and the dimensions of the parcel. For an example shipping a more valuable deluxe book, which weights 1,3kg as an insuranced parcel via courier class to the USA costs approx. 230 euros. In the destination country there may come additional tax and customs handling fees.

To Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland there exists also another option via Finnish post for deliveries which maximum weight is 2kg. To arrange insuranced shipping, please be in contact to our customer service.

Unclaimed parcel:

If the parcel leaves unclaimed by the customer and is returned by the post office, the post charges postage fee for returning the parcel back for us as a sender. The cost of returning unclaimed parcel is 10 euros inside Finland, 25 euros in Europe and approx 40 euros outside Europe depending on the size of the parcel. In case customer wants the parcel to be re-shipped, there comes additionally the original shipping cost.

Shipping Restrictions:

United Kingdom: Due to the new legislations in the UK that took effect 1.1.2021 Ixaxaar website is no longer able to ship orders valued less than 135 pounds (excluding postage and other expences) to the UK customers. Because of this only the customers from the UK that want to order items meeting these new minimum value requirements can do so. In connection to consignment that possesses a value exceeding £135 the customer is responsible for the paying of all and any customs duties and import vat upon the items arrival to the UK. Customers from the UK are advised to send us an email before placing their orders, if they would be in need of further clarifications. The rule does not concern orders from the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland.

Russia and Belarus: As of April 11, 2022, Posti will suspend all letter and parcel traffic between Finland and Russia as well as between Finland and Belarus until further notice.

Due to the too long shipping times and the generally unreliable postal services, we no longer accept orders from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, South Africa or Singapore.

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