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Black Amethyst

Black Amethyst

Black Amethyst cluster, size 8cm x depth 8cm, width: 8cm. Originates from Uruguay.

Spiritual properties of Amethyst: are: Intuition, Wisdom, Spiritual awareness, protection, activates the Third Eye. Only 1 in stock. 145 eurosAdd Item

Silver Amethyst

Silver Amethyst

Silver Amethyst cluster, size height: 5cm x width 4,5cm × depth: 3.5cm

Spiritual properties of Amethyst: are: Intuition, Wisdom, Spiritual awareness, protection, activates the Third Eye. Only 1 in stock. 55 eurosAdd Item

Dream Amethyst

Dream Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is a combination of Amethyst & White Quartz and is also called Dream Amethyst. Chevron is one of the best stones to work with the third-eye, enhancing both intuition and physical vision on all planes of existence. it has the ability to cleanse and strengthen one's aura. it is a highly spiritual stone making it a great tool for lifting the veil. Size varies between stones, approx size 3-5cm. 7 raw stones in the stock. Price is for one stone. 12 eurosAdd Item

Owl - statue

Owl - statue

The owl has remained an ever-significant spirit animal and talismanic symbol, significant totem animal for Lilith, Hekate and many other goddesses and gods. Across classical, ancient Eastern and Native American beliefs, owl sightings have symbolised a myriad of elements; the bird’s duality of nocturnal darkness and light-bearing wisdom. They are all-seeing, possessing supernatural qualities associated with intuition and clairvoyance. Owl’s energy is at its peak in the very heart of darkness – penetrating the darkest night – seeing and hearing that which others cannot.

Owl Symbolism: Wisdom, Silence, Magic, True Sight, Solitude, Enlightenment, Secrets, Night, Change, Omens, Vigilance, Dreams, Feminine, Intuition, Stealth, Mystery, Insight.

Owl - statue, made of oak. Height: 9inch/ 23cm x width: 3,5inch/ 9,5cm x depth: 1.57inch/ 4 cm. 119 eurosAdd Item

Canticles of Lilith

Canticles of Lilith
Nicholaj & Katy de Mattos Frisvold

In The Canticles of Lilith we meet a power that adorns herself in absence, whose true persuasion consist in the cult of reverence and self-deification where this terrible, amoral force finds its apotheosis as the stellar and cosmic root of movement in itself and from this the shadow of all things visible and tangible. Raphael Patai pointed out the remarkable spiritual evolution of Lilith, how she went from being a malevolent storm goddess and a failure in the eyes of Adam, to the bride of Samael, the Queen of Zemargad and Sheba, this she-demon rising to be the consort and secret word at par with God in the Kabbalistic age. The Canticles of Lilith is focused in following the Lilithian theme with a focus on her ‘atmosphere’ or ‘constellation’ where she is analysed as a vampiric spirit, a Satanic muse, the witch-mother and the very vibrant and erotic word of creation, the holy spirit herself. This wide web of Lilithian analysis gives way for her cosmic dimensions and her various manifestations astrologically, Luciferian, Satanic, as a spirit of illness and of the erotic. The Canticles of Lilith casts a wide web in order to understand this force who rejects worship and thrives in the mystery of gravity and anti-matter. Softcover, 264 pages.
New book, some bookshelf wear. 42 eurosAdd Item


Ixaxaar is proud to present a new project in collaboration with our good friends at the legendary Calvary Cross Botanica. While the CCB closed its public doors many years ago we have often received inquiries related to the top-level esoteric products and services they once offered, as while others have tried to mimic their products, presentation and style the quality of CCB's occult creations, such as their handmade talismans, ensouled oils, carved wands and Current-Specific and Traditional loaded fetishes has never been surpassed. We are therefore happy to finally have reached an agreement with the adepts of the CCB and been able to commission from them a series of talismans in the same style and high-end quality as some of their previously popular products.

"We will once again make available a new limited set of esoteric creations meant to transmit the Necrosophic and Qliphothic Current 2182 to those seeking such lineage enlinkments to the related Initiatic Traditions that very few otherwise would have access to. How each person then actually receives such dispersed emanations scattered as the Seeds of the Great Harvester across the world, flourishing either into deserved blessings or curses, is up to the recipients based on their actual standings before the related Spirits and is as such nothing that we can concern ourselves with or be in judgment of.

The items will as such be made available, one piece per client, without further consultations or questioning, as it is expected that each purchaser knows what it is that they are requesting when acquiring any of these consecrated and ensouled items. This means that you should refrain from ordering any of these products if you lack the actual understanding concerning the nature, cause and intended effects of the essences veiled behind their outer forms. What is made available here is as such, and as always when it comes to our work, not simply the material forms serving as mere anchoring points, masks and vessels, but the means of focusing upon and becoming the focusing point of the Spirits that because of covenants and pacts both entered into and properly upheld for decades have made themselves approachable within the context of our specific form of Sorcerous Work and Telestic Thaumaturgy.
– CCB"

The first batch and transmission in the new series of commissioned talismans envisioned, designed and consecrated by the adepts of the CCB, on behalf of and made available through Ixaxaar, is the 'Layilil Lilith' hand carved ebony wood talismans and lamen/altar tablet.

These 'Layilil Lilith' talismans assume the slightly altered form of the famous Burney Relief (also known as "the Queen of the Night"), which while originally most likely depicting some aspect of Ereshkigal or Ishtar have in modern times become strongly associated with Lilith. The form has thus become assumed as a mask by many currents of that which now is associated with "Lilith" and has likewise served as the vessel through which the Current 2182 aspects of the spiritual force associated with that name and symbolism have invasively embodied itself through.

The aspect that most strongly has infiltrated through this popular form within the Qliphothic-Necrosophic Tradition in accordance with which the talismans that we here offer have been manifested and blessed is the one that publicly has been referred to as "the Death Mask of the Faceless Queen". A specific outer quality assumed by this facet of the Feminine Force of the Other Gods is that it manifests itself in a black form, reflecting the eclipsing virtues of its Spirit, which is emphasised here by having the peselim/talismans carved in a specific ebony wood, which while having certain lighter veins is a wood that to the greater part is pitch black. The wood reflects here thus overtly some of both the outer and inner qualities of the force it is meant to embody, while even more importantly being from a tree that already has been used for the carving of hundreds of ensouled talismans, spread out through the world, linked to the same 2182 Current.

There is as such a pact in place with the "Black In Green" of the tree in question facilitating the embodiment of the intended deific force through it.

Besides the black form the other distinguishing feature of the Current-Specific aspect is that the female figure here stands on a human skull, instead of the lions of the original Babylonian version. This serves both to slightly distinguish it from the common variations, while strategically maintaining enough connection to the original design in order to overtake the esoterically attractive qualities and forces that have been charged into the possessed form. This added skull serves furthermore also strengthening of the, to us, central necrosophic attributions as related to both to the Realms of the Dead and Death itself.

These deathly traits are central as the 'Layilil Lilith' aspect is reflective of many qualities which likewise have been attributed to for example Lamashtu, with the difference that she now elevates those abortive virtues to a level reflective of the Thoughtless Impulse of the Divinity of the Other Side, counteracting the Demiurgic drive rather than serving any Archonic mandates. These forces while reflective of and assuming the masks/forms of older gods of now dead civilisations and passed cosmic ages should therefore not be mistaken for those “pagan” deities, and must instead be realised as the different facets of the powers of the Other Gods assuming forms that on some relevant level can communicate facests of their own qualities, as pertaining to the current aeon and its operative archetypes and active spiritual avatars.

This explains why this form within the context of the Current 2182 has become a vessel for a force which in actuality has very little to do with what it originally may have represented, as it within this context just serves as a reflective point relatable to those who originally sought to catch a Ray of the Black Light of the Other God through it, based on one hand on some of its established associations with Lilith, and on the other hand with its possible connections to the Realms of the Dead and Death itself.

Another point of sympathy contained within the original overtaken form of the Burney Relief is the inclusion of the pair of Owls, which esoterically also is connected to the wings and taloned feet of the central female image. As the owl is one of the primary avian totemic forms associated with the Lilith of the 2182 Current also those traits served as anchoring points for the Spirit of 'Layilil Lilith' to attach itself through.

The owl is yet another element that within the Tradition in question link directly to the Mysteries of Death and it is because of this component within the talismanic imagery here chosen that the final form becomes a most suitable representation for the Deathly Mother of Sitra Achra. There are further reasons for the importance placed upon the owl related symbolism, linked to those of the skull Her taloned feet grasp and stand upon, the same skull that she in other instances wear as her own face, but those are beyond the scope of what we here can disclose.

The CCB 'Layilil Lilith' talismans are made in two forms, one smaller oval shaped version depicting only the winged and owl taloned goddess standing upon a human skull and the other a larger and more exclusive "Breastplate/Lamen" variety which also contains a pair of owls flanking the goddess. The more ceremonial Breastplate/Lamen version serves also splendidly as an altar plaque/tablet, which can be used as the central point of focus for the veneration of 'Layilil Lilith'.

Both the smaller 'Layilil Lilith' talismans and the larger breastplate/lamen/altar plaque variety have attached to them larger sized sterling silver bails, with the larger lamen/tablet version actually having two such large silver bails on top of it, allowing them to be hung on suitably thick chains, rosaries or knotted cords.

The general quality of this batch of 'Layilil Lilith' talismans is on what we in these instances refer to as "Masterpiece Level", as the workmanship and the materials employed, both the wood and the large sterling silver bails, are of the highest possible quality. The Wood employed is likewise on the thicker size, making the talismans both sturdy enough while also allowing for the carving of deeper relief sculptures.

All of these CCB 'Layilil Lilith' talismans will be anointed with a powerful Ensouled Oil and consecrated by being seated upon the Throne Seal of Ama Lilith before being sent out to their new caretakers. These talismans demand proper cultivation, veneration and at least monthly feeding, via for example suffumigation and anointment with suitable oils, during the Black Lunar Period reflecting the aspect of their Possessive Spirit, and are as such not recommended to those unfamiliar with the Current and Tradition to which they serve as enlinkments.

The main outer virtues of these peselim of 'Layilil Lilith' are protection, deflection of attacks and justified retribution, concealment/blinding, the attainment of occult knowledge related to the spheres of influence under the dominion of the aspects they embody, astral empowerments as related to for example the assumption of partially mirroring forms, the general strengthening of already possessed links to the deific essence in question, the possibility for different forms of nocturnal and oneiric communion and sorcery and most importantly to serve as a potential point for the attainment of further empowerments and Gnosis within the initiatic settings.

Simple instructions, required seals to base and place work upon and invocative Formula of Calling for their initial activation will accompany each talisman in printed form.

+ + +

Important Note: As these talismans are hand carved and made from natural wood there will be slight differences between all of them as each is a totally unique work of art. This also means that some of them consist of pieces of wood that have lighter/brown streaks in them, while others are totally black. It will not be possible to choose the exact talisman you order and they will be chosen for you "randomly" (or rather as inspired by the Spirit). If you are too concerned about such possible differences in their outer forms, caused by the natural and authentic materials and methods used for their production, instead of caring more about the esoteric sympathy and inner nature of the work, you are discouraged from placing an order. Order only if feeling fully confident, as all consecrated talismans sold via Ixaxaar are non-refundable.

+ + +

Layilil Lilith – Hand Carved Ebony Wood Talisman (oval shape)
Size 8cm x 5cm. Limited edition of 31 pieces. 200 eur (+vat in EU)

Layilil Lilith – Breastplate/ Lamen / Altar plaque
Size approx. 9,5cm x 6,8cm. Limited edition of 13 pieces. 300 eur (+vat in EU)

For ordering, contact
In email remember to mention your full shipping address + phone number.

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Book of Shadows + Leather Clamshell box

Book of Shadows + Leather Clamshell box

A very large old style Book of Shadows for personal rituals / notes / receipts / herbal formulaes / dream journals or other notes. The book is finished with decorative metal locking system made by a metal artisan and 5 decorative metal pins on the cover and 4 raised bands in the spine. Full leather binding, around 6cm thick book, cream shade paper, with two black silk bookmark ribbons. Large page size: 15,5cm x 22,3cm. Most largest and deluxe of all journals offered thusfar.

This book has sold, possible to leave an order with same looking book with different endpaper (either handmarbled paper #1 or handmarbled paper #2). The book will be made ready in 3-5 weeks. 850 eurosAdd Item