Tempel ov Blood

Discipline of the Gods / Altars of Hell / Apex of Eternity- Booklet
by Tempel ov Blood

2004 / 333 copies

The Tempel ov Blood exists as a Nexion to the Dark Gods as well as a guidance and filtration system for aspiring Noctulians. For those seeking a harsh alchemical change into the Transcendental Predator based on a synthesis of Sinister Hebdomantry and Vampirism. Our Calcination, Seperation, and final Coagulation will create a New Being capable of bringing about the Day of Wrath spoken of in the Diabolus Chant. Hail the New Aeon! Agios Athanatos! 28 A5 pages. Silk screened red sigil on very thick black cover. Limited edition of 333 copies in honour of Choronzon.