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Golden Thread Tarot Deck

Golden Thread Tarot Deck

- Cards: 78 total, major and minor arcana
- Size: 70 x 120 mm
- Materials: 300g glossy card stock with gold foil stamping
First printing (differs from the second printing which is pressed on matte plastic, first edition was pressed on glossy cardboard). New condition. -SOLD-

Pair of large Raven claws

Pair of large Raven claws

A pair of 2 large Raven claws (not crow or any smaller bird in corvus family). Ideal charms to be added to the fetish of Oreb Zaraq. This listing is for 2 claws. Can be shipped inside EU and USA. 110 eurosAdd Item

Genuine Raven claw

Genuine Raven claw

A large Raven claw, large size as shown in the picture (not crow or any smaller bird in corvus family). Ideal charm to be added to the fetish of Oreb Zaraq. This listing is for 1 claw. Can be shipped inside EU and USA. 65 eurosAdd Item

Genuine Raven skull

Genuine Raven skull

A genuine raven skull, very rare and hard to find. This is very large and in good condition, size 11,5cm x 5cm width, 4cm height. Can be shipped inside EU and USA. 182 eurosAdd Item

Touch Me Not - Deluxe

Touch Me Not - Deluxe

Touch Me Not is an Austrian manuscript compendium of the black magical arts, completed c.1795. Unique and otherworldly, it evokes a realm of visceral dark magic. As the co-editor Hereward Tilton notes, the manuscript ‘appears at first sight to be a ‘grimoire’ or magician’s manual intended for noviciates of black magic. Psychedelic drug use, animal sacrifice, sigillary body art, masturbation fantasy and the necromantic manipulation of gallows-corpses count among the transgressive procedures it depicts. With their aid hidden treasures are wrested from guardian spirits, and the black magician’s highest ambition – an infernal transfiguration and union with the Devil – can be fulfilled.’ Leatherbound edition with a slipcase, limited to 66 copies. Secondhand, mint condition. ON HOLD


Photos of the leatherbound edition of Gullveigarbok has been added to the section of Fine Editions.


All available ritual artefacts and rare secondhand books can be accessed via the following link.


Gullveigarbók - Deluxe edition

After a period of 9 months, during which the right kind of endpapers were commissioned and handmade, the wolf claw talismans consecrated by the author and the binding of the books finally accomplished, the Gullveigarbók Deluxe Edition are now ready and we expect to receive them tomorrow.

We will start the shipping of these books between the 4-7th of May.


The Book of Sitra Achra - Forthcoming Azerate Pact Edition

We would take this opportunity to announce the much anticipated Expanded Second Edition of the Book of Sitra Achra. This Grimoire of the Dragons of the Other Side that already during its presale period sold out completely the first time around will now be offered in an Rectified and Expanded New Edition containing two new chapters and circa 100 additional pages with over 50 formerly unpublished Esoteric Qliphothic seals that before only have been circulating within the Inner Temple settings of the Current 218.

This new perfected and expanded version of The Book of Sitra Achra is called “The Azerate Pact Edition” partially because of one of its new chapters containing the detailed outlines for a 11+1 months long Solitary Initiation ritual consisting of Eleven Qliphothic Covenants leading to and enabling the One Pact With Azerate, being one of the few means through which those outside of the Inner Temple can via Spirit Guided and Warded successive initiatic oaths attach themselves fully and permanently to the Current 218 and so become members of the Spiritual counterpart to the corporeal aspects of the Temple of Azerate and the Black Light of El Acher and so join the forces of the Dragons of the Other Side, while still contending with the Archonic influences on this accursed side of the Tehiru.

This before secret initiatory material and the following and concluding chapter, being the thirteenth one of this expanded new edition, (11+2, being another manifestation of the unfolding of the 2182) will be the only texts from the Inner Temple version of The Book of Azerate that have so far ever been approved for public presentation, this in order to celebrate and aid in the grounding and overtly manifesting of ‘certain forces’ focused upon during the year 2018, which Tradition-Specifically is perceived as the Year of Azerate.

With the addition of the two new chapters and circa 100 new pages, making the new edition of this book at least 400 pages, we hope to render a desirable offerings to the followers of Our Thoughtless Gods of the Other Side, and the students of the Actual Anti-Cosmic Tradition, and provide another means for the Qliphothic Intrusions of the Azeratean Emanations, which shall hasten the return of All back to the Holy Pleroma of Ain.

The opening of the Presale Period and additional details shall follow in forthcoming updates, but we encourage interested parties to be ready to place their orders in time, because as mentioned earlier the first edition, plus all deluxe copies, sold out fully during the pre-ordering period last time and as there are no plans for a third edition of this book we wanted to give the prospective buyers the heads up in beforehand this time around.

All Glory to Azerate Echad Asar-El Acher Thaumithan!


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