The Cult of Qayin Wands Brujeria / Magia Negra Quimbanda Asian Sorcery Complete list of Products Commissioned Work and Services

The Calvary Cross Botanica offers a great variety of services and products related to different forms of Traditional Witchcraft and Folk-Magical practices, with focus upon that which has been labelled as "Necrosophic Sorcery" and the Cult of the Lord of Death/Señor la Muerte.

As initiates of the Cults of the Dead and Death we hope to be able to provide services to the faithful that otherwise would be very hard to obtain without initiatory access into certain esoteric traditions.

Our work is mainly connected to the Sorcerous Cult of Señor La Muerte and explores and presents both the outer and inner aspects of the spiritual and magical workings done in the name of the Great Saint of Death. We work within two separate but intersecting lines emanating from the Cult of the Lord of Death; one is the folk-magical path of Brujeria traced back to Argentina and the other one is an esoteric aspect of the work with roots stretching back to Qayinite Traditions and the medieval Black Arts of the Grimoires.

The Calvary Cross Botanica will, in time, offer to our clients hand carved and fully consecrated Payé bone talismans of the Lord of Death, amulets, rosaries, altar statues, magical fetishes, ritually harvested herbs and woods, magical oils, powders, incense blends and some other much sought after and esoteric products.

We will also provide services such as candle burning rituals, readings/divinations, necromancy services, separation rituals, bindings, cleansings, love rituals, money conjure, court and law related magical workings and much more.

Our sorcerers and witches have all experiences from many different necromantic traditions, but within the work presented and offered through the Calvary Cross Botanica the Left Paths of the magic of Señor la Muerte, as outlined within the teachings of the Cult of Falxifer, will be emphasized, but there will also be possibility to acquire services connected to some other related lines of practices.

Among the secondary Paths that some of our services will be linked to are the Mexican veneration of the Santisima Muerte and workings connected to the Holy Soul of Jesus Malverde, but also products connected to lesser souls and spirits, such as the Restless Dead and the Anima Sola will be offered.

In contrast to other Botanicas our work will be individually custom-made and fully consecrated according to the relevant Traditions. The price of the products and services will therefore reflect this, as authentic work within these traditions is often both hazardous and costly, since all spirits and deities involved demand offerings and sacrifices in return for their aid in both blessing and bane.

May Light, Progress and Victory befall the Worthy,
by the Grace of the Holy Saint of Death!