The Cult of Qayin Wands Brujeria / Magia Negra Quimbanda Asian Sorcery Complete list of Products Commissioned Work and Services

Readings, such as Psychic Divination, Trance Work and Spirit Communication, Cigar Ash Reading and/or the Tarot, answering 5 clear questions or a general reading: 500 SEK (~56 eur), via email.

Candle Burning, simpler taper candle burning (these candles burn for circa 12 hours) on the petition paper of the client, before the Saint of Death, 150 SEK (~17 eur), more advanced 7 Days and Nights Candle Burning accompanied by additional offerings to the Saint and the Famuli and with prayers being recited each night on the behalf of the client: 700 SEK (~80 eur) (Photo of the beginning and ending of the candle burning will be provided to client after the Work is done.)

Custom Made Talismans, for all purposes, from 777 SEK (~87 eur) depending on the complexity and often the talisman or fetish bundle will be accompanied by either a package of hand blended incense or a vial of enspirited Anointing Oil. (Photo of the consecration of the talisman will be provided to the client after the Work is done.) Cost of shipping to be added to the final cost.

Custom Made Rosarium of Sancte Qayin, all rosaries described in Liber Falxifer, made of wooden beads and fully consecrated: 777 SEK (~87 eur), plus the cost of shipping. (Also more deluxe rosaries made of stone and bone beads can also be ordered and their prices will depend on their exact aspect and form.)

Copper Scroll Talismans, consisting of several circa 7cm wide thin sheets of cleansed copper ritually inscribed with specific Insignias and Key Sigils of the Master (all according to the needs of the client) and then consecrated/activated, rolled up, tied with a black cord and placed within a special and fitting talismanic container. Each Copper Scroll Talisman takes 7 nights to make and consecrate. The price of each Scroll Talisman is 2000 SEK (~226 eur) plus the cost of shipping.

Magical Work, such as Protection Work, Bindings, Money and Wealth Conjure, Against the Law Work, Justified Cursing, Vengeance and Punishment Work, Spirit Pacts and other sorcerous Work can be commissioned first after a full reading concerning the matter have been bought and the price ranges from 2500 SEK (~282 eur) and up depending on the nature and complexity of the Work. (Photo depicting the beginning and the end of the Work will be provided to the client after the Work is done and a free divination will at that time be performed on behalf of the client in order to see how the results will manifest.)

General Fetish Making and Ensoulment of Icons, custom made fetishes sculptured in clay, burnt, painted, loaded with the sympathetic elements of the Spirit and then consecrated fully to house a seated aspect and a living enlinkment to the Spirit: can be done after a full divination have been done to see if the Spirit will agree to Work with the client and then will range from 4000 SEK (~452 eur) and up depending on the size and shape of the fetish, the Spirit in question (must be one of those with whom we have established treaties) and the sacrifices/offerings and rituals demanded for the seating of the Power. To the final cost also the shipping fees are to be added.

Fetishes are often accompanied by Activation Incense for their initial "Awakening" and instructions concerning their caretaking and correct sorcerous employment will be provided. In certain cases also esoteric Spirit Signature will be given. (Photos depicting certain steps of the consecration and feeding of the Spirit Fetish will be provided to the client after the Work is done.)

Custom Made Sancte Qayin/ San La Muerte/ Seņor la Muerte Fetishes, hand sculpted, circa 35cm high and very heavy, fetish of Qayin, in His Skeletal and cloaked aspect, made out of clay and later burnt in order to fortify the clay into stoneware. The base of these fetish/statue remains hallow and become during the consecration rituals filled with elements that are in harmony with Qayin according to the Gnosis and finally sealed with black wax of an altar candle. These especial fetishes are made and consecrated by initiates of the Necrosophic Temple of Qayin. Comes with a special incense mixture with the power to stir the Spirit within the fetish and fully awaken it. Both hands of the fetish are usually made in such fashion that the owner can place different tools and weapons in them, according to his own needs and wants. Such fetish takes usually around two month to prepare and ensoul. The price for each altar fetish is 5000 SEK (~565 eur) plus the cost of shipping.

(Beside the general altar fetishes we also provide the aspect-specific fetishes of Qayin Dominor Tumulus, Qayin Qatsiyr, Qayin Occisor and Qayin be Samael. If interested in such aspect-specific fetishes contact us for more details and pricing.)

For orders and inquiries write to the following email address