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Baal-Qayin ha-Thaumithan-Nachashel Talismans

Baal-Qayin ha-Thaumithan-Nachashel Talismans

On 11-11-2013 the C.C.B. will consecrate a batch of talismans sanctioned by both the Temples of Azerate and that of Master Qayin, unifying 218 with 182, in order to commemorate the publishing of The Book of Sitra Achra, being a Grimoire bridging over and crossing the two lines of practice, thus creating the Crossroads of Sinistral Death and Liberation.

These Talismans masterfully carved in a specific kind of Ebony Wood depict the Qliphothic-Luciferian Thaumithan symbol of the Temple of the Black Light with a Qayinite Thrice Marked Crowned Skull of the T.F.C. at the centre, representing the Deathly Ascension via the Qliphothic Forces of the Black Light headed by Azerate.

These Talismans that have been created and prepared for a long period of time are to receive their final consecration tonight during the Traditional Azerate Workings of the 11/11, falling this year on a Monday, which is the night otherwise reserved for the Feeding of the Qayinite Altar, so that they by the correct application of the Hendecagram, upon which this ritual will be "based and placed" receive their Empowerments by the directing of the Seated Power of Master Qayin and the anointment of each talisman with a carrier oil made of the fat, skin and bones of a serpent, blessed by the spilt blood from the offerings given during this past Allhallows Eve workings related to the Throne of Satan, during which this oil had been placed upon the Point of Power of the Throne Seal of Nachash Hakadmoni in order to charge it by the Currents of His/Its Holy Black Light.

This Oleum of Nachashel was then mixed with three different forms of the aspect-specific Ensouling Tincture of Qayin, being that of Baal-Akeldama (green and black), Baal-Gulgaltha (white and black) and the Baal-Sitra Achra (red and black), following thus the Three Steps of the Becoming and the Triple Coronation of the Master; the First-Born of the Two-Faced Serpent of the Other Side, in whose footsteps we walk and by whose grace we conquer and overcome all blocking the Path of Nod towards Spiritual Sovereignty.

These Baal-Qayin ha-Thaumithan-Nachashel Talismans are the first Qliphothic set we will make available and they are amongst the strongest and most beautiful ones the C.C.B. have had the pleasure to offer those that are interested in our services and are to be treated as fully ensouled talisman to employ during all workings related to the crossing of the Necrosophic/182 and Chaosophic/218 Lines and connects not only to the Enduring Soul of the Master, but also to His Enthroned Spirit in Oreb Zaraq and via that connection to the whole of Thaumithan via the blessings of the Highest Throne of the Melech ha-Melachim of Sitra Achra.

The main virtues of these talismans are to act as Connection Points to Sitra Achra, via and through Qayin and by the Power and Pacts of Satan, and as such they are not recommended to those that have not entered into the Covenant with Death nor signed the Pact with the Highest Crown of the Sheol ha-Tehom, but for those Faithful Ones of the Serpent these pieces of Black Art are meant to bring inspiration, guidance, protection and empowerment, so that the White Darkness can be dispelled and the Coronation of Black Light, as the culmination of the Great Work, become attainable. These Baal-Qayin ha-Thaumithan-Nachashel Talismans are thus for the Workers of the Qliphoth as defined by the Current 218/182 and will act as a prisms for the further reflecting, focusing and channelling of the Thoughtless Light of the Other God and serve as the Shield and Lamen of Authority of the Sitra Achra Adept.

These talismans demand the weekly offerings of smoke, flames and anointment and are worked through two sets of Qliphothic Formulae. More detailed instruction will be provided to the buyers upon purchase. These Baal-Qayin ha-Thaumithan-Nachashel Talismans are circa 7cm in diameter, carved in a most detailed relief style and come with large sterling silver bails, making them suitable for hanging both on chains or rosaries (182 or 218 beads). -SOLD OUT-

Qayin Baal-Gulgaltha Calvary Cross Bone Talismans

Qayin Baal-Gulgaltha Calvary Cross Bone Talismans

On this Friday the 13th we at the C.C.B. are happy to present the latest in our masterfully carved and consecrated bone talismans.

This time around what we have to offer is a most detailed, beautiful, worthy and exquisitely shaped talisman of the King of First Gulgaltha, being the Place of Skull where Master Qayin sowed the skull of Abel in order to turn the Akeldama of Red upon Green, feeding the Black, into a gate of the Chthonic Sea of the Dead, intersecting with the Waters of the Other Earth of Nahemoth.

The Qayin Baal-Gulgaltha Calvary Cross depicts the Crowned Skeleton Lord standing above the grave, upon the Three Steps leading to and through Death, resurrected and elevated esoterically to the liminal centre of the Cross, leading away from 'the four' which binds, through the Fifth Unbound Point of Spirit.

These crosses have been consecrated for 31 nights and are linked to and reflect the mysteries symbolically celebrated during the Friday 13th by those that walk in Qayin's footsteps upon the Path of Thorns, Bones and Fire with the aim to elevate their Spirit to the Throne of Baalbaalath-Tzelmoth.

During this 31 nights long consecration process these crosses have been soaking within the vessel containing the aspect-specific Ensouling Tincture of Qayin of Gulgaltha, upon which a most powerful fetish of Baal-Gulguleth had been stationed, in order to imbue the talismans from every direction with the seated and Spirit-seating powers of the Master of the Liminal Cross Upon the Skull.

During every night of this consecration process the Master have been given offerings and petitioned to empower the crosses placed within His Ensouling Tincture and underneath His feet, so that each cross become endowed by His authority, benediction, protection and empowerment in order to aid those of the Fiery Bloodline that Work within His White and Black Line.

These crosses serve as aspect-specific Qayinite Paye Talismans of Qayin Fossor/DT/Baal-Gulgaltha and serve both as fetish, talisman and amulet, granting a point of focus through which this elevated aspect of the Master can be reached, His empowerments as related to all the workings of the Dead (both the Lowly and Dark and the Elevated and Mighty) may be attained (via proper cultivation) and His shielding Shadow of Death become attained as an armour against those amongst the dead without any alliance to our own Good Qayinite Cause.

Because these crosses are fully enspirited they demand the traditional weekly feedings of the Qayinite Payes and will share in the offerings given to the central fetish, but additional aspect-specific offerings are recommended to be given to this Point of Manifestation of the Master, at least after every major Work during which its/His powers are employed.

These beautiful and delicate Bone Talismans, bearing also on top the Seal of the Mark of Qayin, come each with a sterling silver bail and are fit for hanging upon a chain to carry around the neck or upon a suitable white and black rosary of onyx and bone, consecrated upon the Point of the King of Gulgaltha.

The price of each of this 7cm tall Qayin Baal-Gulgaltha Cross Talisman is 1500 SEK (~172 euros), plus the cost of shipping. For more information and instructions concerning payment contact the C.C.B. at

Qayin Baal-Gulgaltha Calvary Cross Ebony Talismans

Qayin Baal-Gulgaltha Calvary Cross Ebony Talismans

As an alternative to our Qayin Baal-Gulgaltha Calvary Cross Bone Talisman, or as an addition to it, we also make on this Friday 13th an alternative and larger version of the same talisman carved in Ebony Wood instead of bone.

This Ebony Cross of Qayin Baal-Gulgaltha possesses the same virtues as the Bone Cross of the Master, with the difference here being the emphasis placed upon the powers of the Black In Green generally and the Spirit of the Ebony Tree specifically, making this talisman a crossing point between the mysteries of the Blessed Akeldama and those of the Holy Gulgaltha.

Another difference between these Ebony Crosses and the ones made of bones is their mode of consecration, for while the talismans made of bone are soaked in the aspect-specific form of the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin the wooden ones must be treated differently and become enspirited via the rites of anointment, for which special oils possessing similar virtues as the Ensouling Tinctures are employed.

After their anointment these crosses are kept inside the Kelim of Baal-Gulgaltha, and there within the Point of the Monarch of All Cemeteries and the Establisher of the First Grave they become empowered by the Enduring Soul and Transcendent Spirit of the Master, imbuing them with His Black Light, which guides the faithful upon the Hidden Paths leading to the ascending of the Three Steps of the Cross, in order to grant Coronation upon its liminal Fifth Point, while at the same time possessing the power both protect against and command the Dark Dead, whose skulls and bones pave the way traversed by the Spiritually Strong.

This Ebony Cross of Baal-Gulgaltha is to be treated as an Ensouled Qayinite Paye and must be fed during Monday nights in order to award its light, protection and empowerments, all channelled directly from the Master Qayin of the Black Cross, to whom each Talisman is duly enlinked.

The Qayin Baal-Gulgaltha Calvary Cross Ebony Talismans stand 8cm tall, are 5cm wide, come with a large sterling silver bail and cost 1820 SEK (~209 euros) each, plus the cost of shipping. For more information and instructions concerning payment contact the C.C.B. at

Qayin the Crowned Reaper - Black Ebony Altar Statues

Qayin the Crowned Reaper - Black Ebony Altar Statues

As part of the Friday the 13th celebrations and for the sake of honouring, further establishing and spreading the Cult of our Master Qayin we at the C.C.B. make on this night available to our old and new clients a set of masterfully carved Qayin Coronatus fetishes, fit to serve as the Central Altar Statue, or as one of the "working fetishes" because of their practical size and movability.

This beautiful statue, standing circa 15cm tall, having a scythe with blade made of bone in left hand, the right hand stretched out in the pose signifying the will to receive payment and having a Kingly Crown of the Sovereign upon its skull, is a most worthy representation suitable to embody any aspect of the Master.

Because of the wooden material these statues are carved out, which is pitch black rare Ebony of a specific kind, these obviously lend themselves primarily to the King of All Black In Green, Qayin Baal-Akeldama, but because of the immense powers and elevated Spirit of the Ebony tree these fetishes can also perfectly be connected to the Lord of the Black Cross (they actually stand on a three-stepped pedestal linked to that aspect) or the Master of the Black Fire/The First-Born of the Serpent of the Black Light.

These fetishes are each carved from a single piece of wood and are therefore very sturdy considering their size and the delicate details of their telestic forms, but as they are made of solid pieces of wood they do not allow for consecration via the loading process (as they are not hallow) and are instead enspirited by the power of Qayin via the ablution rites employing His Ensouling Tictures.

Because of this reason and mode of consecration these Ebony statues can be dedicated to and ensouled by any of the three main aspects of the Master, being in the most elevated contexts the Baal of Green and Black (Akeldama), White and Black (Gulgaltha) or Red and Black (Sitra Achra) and will be so consecrated, aspect-specifically, in accordance to the wishes of the buyer.

Each statue will come with an aspect-specific Activation Incense and all needed instructions for the correct cultivation of the fetish. -SOLD OUT-

C.C.B. Suicide Forest - Oil
(A Red Enspirited Oleum of Malediction, mounted by the Dark Dead of Aokigahara)

In our strive to only provide unique, authentic and effective products to our loyal clients we at the C.C.B. are now proud to present our third Enspirited Oil, being this time around so radical in its purpose, construction and the Sorcerous Charge which it holds that it is already guarantied to remain as one of our most extreme products and certainly as one of the most dangerous (potentially for both ourselves, the would be buyers and those against whom its powers may be used) that we will ever provide.

This Enspirited Suicide Forest Oil places a most exotic Point of Power under the Dominion of our Master Qayin and thus also within the reach of those that wholeheartedly follow in His blessed and cursed footsteps.

Within the base of this oil we have established a unified and unifying Point of Manifestation conjoining according to established treaties some of the most Venefic and Baneful allies from amongst the Legions of the Black In Green, the animal kingdom and the realm of the minerals, creating thus a foundation of poisonous plants, venomous, stinging and ensnaring animals and the empowerment of the minerals of the Black Earth, harvest by the Left Hand, possessing all the powers to strengthen, agitate and direct the Wrathful Souls and Spirits towards the target, for the sake of the realisation of the Cause of Justified Destruction.

This foundation would in itself be one of the strongest and most dangerous Cursing Oils we have ever created, possessing already links to the Forceful Dead, for example via ingredients such as the mixture of the Seven Cemeteries Soil bought from beneath the blessed heels of Master Qayin Umbrifer, but all this was merely the frame within which the actual Power of this Oil was to be seated.

The core and main spiritual point sowed and stationed within this oil is the most rare and potentially most dangerous part of its constitution as it is this aspect attained from both the realm of Black In Green and the realm of minerals, ritually harvested by one of our Brothers in Qayin who was granted the license and empowerment to perform this Work on our behalf, during his visit to the Aokigahara Forest in Japan.

These elements harvested from the Aokigahara, consisting of wood from suitable tree and soil from the haunted grounds of this enchanting forest, were reaped both with respect to the lesser local Genii Locorum and to the more elevated Governing Kami, but also with the authority, spiritual license and powers of our Master Qayin, so that the local spiritual currents were handled in a manner which placed that which was harvested beneath, and bound by, the power of our own Sovereign, ensuring that the souls and spirits attained are suited, ready and willing to serve His Work.

This most rare harvest from Aokigahara, also called the Sea of Trees, is the actual heart and soul of this Enspirited Oil, held in place and moved towards willed direction by the addition of the other elements which composes its fearful body and direction of Power.

So severe was the nature of the Work and those elements harvested from Aokigahara that our Brother upon his return from the trip had to be ritually cleansed, after experiencing nightly visitation from a Lingering Dead, and during a following T.F.C. ceremony three such Obsessed Souls that had attached themselves to him had to be forcefully taken off and exorcised, this by the power and grace of our Good Master Qayin.

In order to understand the relevance, dangers and power of the Aokigahara the few following random links are provided for a light and casual study of the topic (prospective buyers of this oil are STRONGLY encouraged to look through these links and then do a proper Google search in order to better understand what it is that we actually offer here):

Link 1- Aokigahara

Link 2- Aokigahara

Link 3- Aokigahara

Link 4- Aokigahara

The following are some of the photos depicting the places of harvest from within the Aokigahara, taken by our Brother who harvested for us that which was needed for the making of this most Insidious Oil :

Offering given for permission to Work and Harvest


The carrier oil itself consists of a blend of 3 different oils, lending themselves in disharmony splendidly to the cause of corruption and deathly decay. To this base 13 Black In green, 5 Minerals and 3 animals were added to confine, embody, carry forth, quicken and control the Whispering Dead of the Aokigahara and because of the deathly nature of the formula employed for the creation of this oil we strongly warn against any direct skin contact with the oil, unless it is the skin of the enemy that its envenomed and spiritually pestilent drops stains. The following is a photo, disclosed here with license from the Master, taken during the first 49 nights of the consecration of the Suicide Forest Oil, showing certain interesting manifestations within the smoke of the offering given to its souls and spirits :


The purpose of this oil is that which it naturally lend itself to, being the causing of suffering, darkness, madness, sickness, depression, fear and confusion, closing all paths in life but those dark ones that the target of its curses become enticed to walk by the constant whispers of the Legion of Dark Dead/Yurei belonging to the Suicides linked to via the elements harvest from their Sea of Trees, but also even more sinisterly because of the influences of the Oni, Yokai, Onryo and other aspect-specific dark Spiritual Forces of the Aokigahara that for millennia have haunted the Enchanted Forest overshadowed by the titanic Fujisan.

By every employment of this oil one becomes bound to serve offerings not only to our Master Qayin in some of His specific aspects that will be disclosed in the instructional material that will be provided with this oil, but also to the governing Spirits of the Place linked to through it.

All instructions and a specific conjuration will be provided upon purchase and we do not recommend people outside of the Necrosophic Cult of Qayin to approach this oil, as the treaties which hold the Souls and Spirit contained within it in check, and the conjuration which quickens them to work, are all established through our Saint of Death, Qayin of the Black Cross.

When not in use this oil must be kept secured in a specific manner that we will give detailed instructions about to the buyer and as any deviation from our instructions will turn the hunger of the Suicides and the other Spirits of Aokigahara Jukai against those that would employ this oil incorrectly and disrespectfully, we do hereby wash our hands clean from all responsibility for the Hell that will befall those fools that should know better than to play with the fires of the Dark Dead.

Every form of use of this oil must be followed up by a series of strong cleansing rituals in order to wash off the stains of the Red/Dark Dead. This oil is as such not recommended to anyone but those that already are knowledgeable when it comes to the arts of Nigromancy and who know the means and ways through which the cunning shield themselves against the Sorcerous Poison that they need to inflict upon deserving targets.

Because of the severe nature of this oil it will not be sold to anyone under the age of 21 and will be primarily reserved for returning clients.

Because of the demanding process and all dangers involved in making, keeping and maintaining the Work and the Active Point upon which this oil rests, this will be the first and last time that this specific formula will be offered to the public.

This Aokigahara Malediction Oil is to be employed as an anointing oil for the dressing of black candles, effigies, photos, personal concerns or other belongings and links to the target employed within the maledictive rites that have as purpose to set the hordes of the Dark Dead upon one's foe and have as purpose to achieve two things only; firstly to make the life of the enemy into a living hell and secondly to ultimately drive the target of the curse to commit suicide and become chained to a specific Point of the Dark Dead, through which this oil have, before the Seated Presence of Master Qayin, become assembled.

The C.C.B. Suicide Forest Oil is offered in 15ml bottles, each also containing a small amount of the plant, mineral and animal elements from the original main oil vessel, in order to stabilise and maintain the sorcerous enlinkments established through it. -SOLD OUT-

Qayin Coronatus Bone and Ebony fetishes

Qayin Coronatus Bone and Ebony fetishes

An exclusive set of masterfully sculpted and put together smaller sized altar statues/fetishes depicting the Ebon-Crowned Saint of Death. These fetishes are made of bone/horn and Ebony Wood and are amongst the most detailed and delicate depictions of the Master Qayin we have ever had the opportunity to work with and are most unique.

These statues depict the Black-Crowned Skeletal Reaper aspect of Qayin and purposely unite two important elements in their creation in order to establish Sympathetic Points to the Hidden Gulgaltha and to the Enduring Soul of the Thrice Coronated Master.

The stand, robe and crown of each statue is made of a special ebony wood and the way in which the pieces of sculpted wood and carved bone/horn are unified make these representations true works of Art. These Qayin Coronatus statues serve perfectly as the central altar pieces of the Hidden Cult of Our Saint of Death and will be consecrated by being baptized in the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin, anointed with sacred oil and placed upon the activated Point of the Crowned Sovereign. Each statue will be individually consecrated, dedicated and enlinked to its caretaker and will be ensouled first after purchase (the photo, which does not do them justice, depicts the statues in unconsecrated form).

Each of these beautiful and regal Qayin Coronatus Bone and Ebony statues stand circa 17cm tall, hold in its left hand a removable ebony scythe and bears upon its crown the inscribed sigil of the Mark of Qayin in order to further connect telestic form to aspect-specific Essence.

We have only 13 of these statues available for sale and they will never be reproduced. -SOLD OUT-

Qayin Fossor/Qabile Ghabr-Kan Talismans

Qayin Fossor/Qabile Ghabr-Kan Talismans

The Calvary Cross Botanica is proud to present the most powerful set of Necrosophic Talismans that we have made available up to this date, on this All Hallows' Eve of the Dead, the 31st of October 2012. These are the Talismans of Qayin Fossor (Qabile Ghabr-Kan), embodying in form and manifesting in essence the holy power of the First Gravedigger, the Establisher of Gulgaltha and the King of All Cemeteries. These talismans are fully charged with the blessings and curses of our Master Qayin in His aspect as the ruler of the White and Black Line and can best be described as miniature Kelim-Fetishes of Baal-Gulgoleth as they are fully empowered according to the esoteric telestic rites of the Necrosophic-Qayinite Tradition.

+ + + + + + +

These Qayin Fossor talismans consist of different empowered and empowering components that when brought together and conjoined correctly and according to the ruling treaties creates the Spirit-Point opening up to the full manifestation of the sorcerous essence of the Lord of the Tumuli. The visible front piece of these talismans consist of a piece of bone masterfully carved to represent the symbolic image of the Master related to His aspect as the First Gravedigger, Necromancer, Cross Bearer and Monarch of the Kingdom of Skulls and Bones depicting a standing Crowned Skeleton holding a shovel in His left hand and a cross with a sickle blade in its lower vertical end in His right. Under the left foot of this Skeletal Majesty is visible a skull and two crossed bones showing that the He is either burying the skull and bones or that He has dug them up. This carved bone talismans have for 3x13 nights been empowered and consecrated by soaking inside a vessel filled with the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin (according to the teachings made public in Liber Falxifer II) to which 21 additional secret elements of Gulgaltha was added in order to make that ensouling tincture aspect-specifically focused upon to the Sovereign of All Graveyards. During those 39 nights the vessel containing these talismans was kept inside a cauldron filled with a mixture of Holy Soils ritually bought from Seven Different Cemeteries and positioned upon the activated signature of the King of Gulgaltha and received nightly offerings of flame (which constantly was kept alight upon the lid of the vessel) cigar smoke and incense, accompanied by the prayers, invocations, recitations of the Formulae of Calling and the establishment of the astral forms intended to invite the Master to let a fraction of His boundless power to become enthroned within the talismanic forms prepared for the seating of His aspect-specific essence.

The 39 nights of this initial step of consecration was divided into 3 sets of 13 nights, representing the Ascending of the Three Steps of the Black Cross of the First Calvary and during these three periods different elements and components were added to the Sevenfold Blessed Soil of Gulgaltha kept within it in order to further strengthen the enlinkments to the Master and for the expansion of the Sympathetic Point of Ingress created within and around the cauldron holding the Vessel of Ensoulment.

Amongst the elements seeded into the Work during those 3x13 nights were 31 copper sigil talisman scrolls of Qayin Dominor Tumulus, 31 Copper sigils talisman scrolls of the King of Gulgaltha, 31 Copper sigils talisman scrolls of the Master’s Seventh Key (that of Necromancy and the Mighty Dead), a powder consisting of 21 necromantic plant elements (containing for example a whole large Mandrake root and pieces of wood from the Black Ironwood tree that had been fed blood on the previous Good Friday) which earlier had been consecrated upon the Green Point of the Skull, a sufficient amount of elements harvested from His Holy Field of Gulgaltha and ensouled by the select dead willing, able and bound by unbreakable treaties to serve the Qayinite Cause and this talismanic Work specifically, 31 pieces of quartz crystal points, 124 small onyx stones (31x4) and many other components that during the nights of consecration made the whole cauldron placed upon His Point into a very vigorous Kelim-Fetish of Baal-Gulgaltha causing all manners of both spectral and miraculous manifestations related to the powers that the Master was adjured to install within the talismans.

After those 39 nights of hard Work the Vessel of Ensoulment was taken out from the cauldron and the bone talismans of Master Fossor were taken out from the Enspiriting Tincture and were at that point in themselves sufficiently powerful to constitute as central altar fetishes of the Master Qayin Baal-Gulgoleth. At this point the final stages of the consummation of this Holy Work was initiated by making a Loading and Charging mixture consisting of the Sevenfold Blessed Soil of Gulgaltha, tthe powdered plants and all other enlinking element of Gulgaltha kept within the cauldron of consecration.

A mixture containing a correct amount of the 7 Cemetery Soils, the 21 necromantic Plants and the Elements of the Dead was made into a fine powder, watered with the same Enspirited and Enspiriting Tincture that the Qayin Fossor Bone talismans had been soaked in and then divided into 31 parts constituting a very powerful load for the additional empowerment of each talisman.

At this point 31 Talisman containers made of stainless steel with see-through plexiglass on both front and back were cleansed and into each of these containers 1 copper sigil scroll of the King of Gulgaltha, 1 copper sigil scroll of Qayin Dominor Tumulus and 1 copper sigil scroll of Qayin’s Key Sigil of Necromancy was added. On top of these 3 talismanic sigil scrolls placed inside each talisman container one portion of the 31 parts of the empowering load/carga was added, together with each one piece of quartz crystal and four small pieces of the onyx. This load meant to be at the backside of the talisman was then sealed with consecrated black wax mixed with necromancy Oil.

Upon this powerful sealed necromantic load the consecrated Qayin Fossor Bone Talismans were added, facing outwards, and the container was then sealed to keep within it all the elements creating the One Point of Sympathy.

At this stage the Work could have been over but instead we proceeded with the final steps outlined in Liber Falxifer II for “the Consecration of the Holy Fetish of Qayin Dominor Tumulus” and placed all the 31 Qayin Fossor Talismans/Fetishes upon the Sigil of the King of Gulgaltha, activated it according to tradition with the 3 cigars, 3 glasses of red, white and black libations, 3 black candles, 7 half white and half black candles, flower petals from 7 white carnations strewn as to encircle the sigil, the specific necromantic incense blend for the opening of that sigil and its Formula of Calling and thus called upon the Master for His final empowerment and seal upon the Work.

The powers installed within these small Qayin Fossor Fetishes spans over the full range of attribution that can be ascribed to the Master’s Gulgaltha related essence, as they are firmly enlinked to and imbued by that divine essence, but seven blessings in particular were asked for and in different ways manifested and in parts received during the period of their consecration, and those seven primary powers/virtues of these talismans are the following:

1. Aiding in the Opening of the Ghosts Sight and empowering one’s clairvoyance. Making visible the host of Famuli, the dead, the spirits and much of that nightside reality to which the eyes of Adam are blind.

2. Strengthening of the “sixth sense” in general and granting or empowering one's clairaudience so that one may hear the "whispers" of the souls attached to the talisman and the “voices” of all other Famuli and more clearly notice their warnings of pending dangers and/or intuitively receive any other messages that they may want to impart.

3. Protection against and power and control over the Dark Dead, by the Grace of the Master Umbrifer, so that one may call upon, conjure, send out to work or banish and exorcise the Obsessive Shades of the Restless Dead, without being subjected to the same level of risks and malign contamination that usually are the natural consequences of such workings.

4. The general Necromantic empowerment of the Master, strengthening one’s mediumistic abilities and aiding for example in the summoning of the souls of the dead in His name and through His power, in order to accomplish any magical work that falls under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Gulgaltha.

5. The Most Blessed Enlinkment to the Mighty Dead, for the gaining of their blessings, guidance and protection via the power of the 7th Key of their King and the 13 Soul Signatures that it constitutes of.

6. The ability to summon Abel the Black to one's aid for protection, assistance and guidance more effectively by the power and authority of his (and our) Master and thus more securely and firmly be able set foot upon the points of the skulls when entering, working within and exiting his haunting and hunting grounds.

7. To gradually and as a reward for hard and correct Work obtain the Light of the Black Cross that illuminates the road towards Deathly Coronation, making possible the ascending of the Three Steps of Calvary, so that one may at the final stages of the Work face the Master at the liminal intersection of life and death and achieve transcendence via Necrosophic Gnosis.

These mentioned virtues of the Qayin Fossor talismans should not be misunderstood as limitations of their range of power but nor should they be perceived as guaranteed empowerments attainable without dedication, devotion, hard work and many sacrifices. Cultivation is the keyword and without proper sowing nothing good can be harvested. It is therefore crucial that those interested in these talismans really know what they are getting themselves into and do not commit to a path that they do not even understand.

These Qayin Fossor talismans are therefore reserved for the devotees of the Master Qayin and will not be sold to anyone that we deem unsuited for their caretaking, work and cultivation.

The prospective buyer should therefore be aware that we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and must be prepared to present proof of their already established Work within the Cult of Qayin if he or she is previously unknown to us.

These Talismans/Fetishes demand weekly offerings consisting of candle, libation, water, tobacco, incense and flowers and the occasional food offerings. If the buyer/caretaker already have a Qayinite altar established and enthroned no additional offering is generally demanded and the Qayin Fossor Talisman/fetish will in such case just partake of the usual weekly offerings, but it is still recommended to light a white or white and black candle, place a shot glass of libation and a lit cigarette in front of it during the Monday night offerings in order to keep strong and further fortify all the astral/spectral and spiritual enlinkments.

In connection to aspect-specific workings with the Master’s Gulgaltha aspect this talisman should of course receive its own set of offerings and become repaid for any of His specific benediction or maledictions, as power always demands power in return.

These Qayin Fossor Talismans, like all the other talismans that we sell at the C.C.B. are personally dedicated to their buyer and ritually enlinked to that person before they are shipped out and as such they have no “second-hand value” and can not be resold as they are specifically and ritually enlinked to the original buyer. For this ritual enlinkment full name, date of birth and a recent headshot photo (sent to us via email) is needed.

The price of each of these circa 9cm tall, 3,5cm wide and 2cm deep Qayin Fossor talismans/fetishes is 3100SEK (~359 eur), plus the cost of shipping. Each talisman comes with a small package containing an incense blend to be used in connection with the working of the King of Gulgaltha sigil for the awakening of the talisman. For more information and instructions concerning payment contact the C.C.B. at

Sancte Qayin Occisor Talismans

Sancte Qayin Occisor Talismans

On this Walpurgis Night the C.C.B. are happy to make available a set of masterfully carved bone talismans of Sancte Qayin Occisor which have become consecrated during the holy night of the passed Good Friday, fed with the offerings brought to the Master's altar during that night and then placed within the Vessel of Ensoulment, in which the Ensouling Tincture was mixed with the blood of the sacrifice spilt in order to strengthen the seated essence and reenact the establishing of the First Akeldama for the fortifying of the spiritual bonds and the opening of the Gates of Sitra Ahra.

From that night of the Good Friday the talismans have remained within the Vessel of Ensoulment placed beneath the central half red and half black altar candle of the Altar of Qayin (and His Bride) for 31 nights, mirroring the mysteries of the 13 related to the seating of this specific aspect of the Master and were retrieved from within the Ensouling Bath of Tincture and Blood during the Monday Night Workings of 29th of April, being the auspicious night before the Walpurgis Night and during that night given the final empowerments of the Holy Saint and First Murderer.

The aspect depicted and the essence seated within these talismans can be perceived as dual in nature and creates a kind of liminal unity between the benefic and malefic aspects of the Master, as the talisman is conjured to grant Blessing, Protection and Illumination on one side and Punish, Avenge and Perniciously Reap on the other, this concretized through the crossing of His Palo Santo and Palo Diablo with which this Sancte Qayin/Qayin Occisor aspect is brought fully to the surface via the Last Rites of Anointment, sealing the consecration of these bone talismans.

The Sancte Qayin Occisor talismans are as such a Blessing upon the Faithful Ones of Qayin, armouring them with His Light and Power, while directing the most baneful emanations of His current towards those that would seek to harm His children, or in other ways make themselves deserving of the Curse. Besides the practical applications of defence and offence these talismans are also enlinked to the deeper mysteries of the First Good Friday, when Abel and not Jesus was killed to Water the Fields and can serve as a means for the attainment of Gnosis connected to the Blood Acre (being within this context not related to any concepts associated with that term within other, for us, irrelevant traditions).

The Sancte Qayin Occisor talismans are circa 7,5cm tall and 4cm wide and as such quite large and very detailed, having after the consecration much more character and beauty than what is shown in the photo depicting one of the unconsecrated talismans. Each talisman have a sterling silver bail attached at the top (not shown in the photo) so that it can be hung on a fitting chain or rosary to be worn around the neck, in concealed manner as in most of the cases when it comes to the employment of the Qayinite talismans.

As these talismans are fully ensouled they demand to partake of the weekly offerings brought to Qayin's Altar and are as such only sold to those that have an Altar throne already erected for Our Good Saint and Just Destroyer of Enemies. -SOLD OUT-

Anamlaqayin - Extra Large Bone Talismans

Anamlaqayin - Extra Large Bone Talismans

We have a rare and limited set of extra large beautifully carved Anamlaqayin Two-Headed Bone Talismans with sterling silver bails available for purchase.

These talismans will be consecrated individually and in the name of the buyer and the Ensouling Process will be accomplished according to Tradition, via the conjunction and intermingling of the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin with that of His Bride, making the charge given to these talismans very elevated and strongly emanating towards the Side of Their Spirit, Seated as One upon the Qliphothic Throne of the Ravens of Death.

The powers and attributes of the Anamlaqayin aspect are of such esoteric nature that we are limited when it comes to what we can disclose here and in similar manner are we limited when it comes to whom we can sell such an item and as such these talismans are offered only to those that have a fully Established, Worked and Enthroned altar already and will not be sold to those that can not prove their deeply rooted connection to the Necrosophic Qayinite Current.

As half of the charge of these talismans are from the Side of His Bride an already established contact with the Holy Mother is also necessary if the activation of these talismans by their buyers are to be possible, this again limits the number of those who would be suited for the purchase of these talismans.

Please do not contact us about these talismans unless you are willing and capable to prove to us that you indeed need and are suited for the caretaking and cultivation of the Enlinking Point of Anamlaqayin that these talismans will constitute.

These Anamlaqayin talismans are circa 9cm tall and 4cm broad (measured from shoulder to the tip of the scythe) and are as such large enough to be considered almost as small statues rather than ordinary talismans and can therefore serve finely as small Altar Fetishes, while at the same time because of their silver bail also offer the possibility for hanging and carrying the talisman on a chain making them practically portable. -SOLD OUT-

Qayinite Bone Payé Talisman

Qayinite Bone Payé Talisman

These most practical and powerful talismans of the Necrosophic Tradition are carved out of stag bone and shaped according to the aesthetics of the Argentinian Cult of Death, but with the scythe placed at the left side/in the left hand of the skeleton, in order to emphasise the Sinistral Essence with which they have been loaded. These talismans are consecrated via the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin and hold the full enlinkments to His seated power and can as such even be used as the central altar fetish and serve perfectly the needs of those who must keep their cultivation concealed and private. These talismans possess in their talismanic form the power to grant protection, power, charisma and success and in their full fetishistic form all the attributes needed by a central point of contact between Qayin and His faithful. These small bone fetishes come with the written instructions outlining their two different modes of activation, one being a simpler rite for the activation of its talismanic qualities and the other being a more demanding rite which will activate the seated essence of the Bone Talisman fully and make it fit to be employed as the central altar statue of the private and hidden cult of the Left Handed Reaper. -SOLD OUT-

Qayin Coronatus Bone Paye Talisman

Qayin Coronatus Bone Paye Talisman

The Calvary Cross Botanica is proud to offer a new set of masterly carved deluxe Bone Paye Talismans depicting our Good Saint Qayin in His Crowned and Conquering aspect.

These talismans have been consecrated for 49 nights during which they have been soaking in a vessel containing a mixture of three separate batches of the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin, each of them having previously been created during the sacred rites of Good Friday.

During the 49 night flame has constantly burnt upon the closed vessel and the powers of Qayin’s Seven Keys have been conjured into them, in order to bring blessings and curses to those who would be subjected to their powers and radiant presence. Because of the mode of consecration and the treaty upon which these talismans have been created and ensouled they can serve as fully functional central altar pieces for those who need a smaller and more discreet altar fetish or be hung around the neck as a constant link to His Enduring Soul and Holy Spirit. The Coroneted aspect of the Master Qayin embodies His Sovereignty as the Conqueror of the Archonic forces of Heimarmene (Cosmic/Demiurgic Fate) and is a granter of Mastery and Dominion, and as these beautiful talismans represent that Glorious aspect of our Kingly Saint they can bestow to their faithful caretakers great empowerments and aid in the traversing of the Path of Thorns, Bones and Fire. The Qayin Coronatus Payé Talismans hold the full ensoulment of the telestic rites of Qayinite Necrosophy and as such they must be handled with great respect and receive the weekly feedings and adorations all according to the teachings of the T.F.C. as outlined in the Liber Falxifer books.

Each Talisman stands circa 8cm tall, comes with a sterling silver bail (blackened by the Holy Ensouling Tincture). -SOLD OUT-

Rosarium of Qayin Dominor Tumulus

Rosarium of Qayin Dominor Tumulus

This deluxe Rosarium talisman of the Lord of Gulgaltha is made of 91 black Onyx beads, 91 white bleached Bone beads, 12 carved bone skull beads and 1 hand sculpted, large, central ceramic bead, which has been loaded with ensouling elements of Qayin and sealed with black altar candle wax. This extra long Rosarium Talisman is made in 5 exemplars only, exclusively for the Calvary Cross Botanica by the Magister of the T.F.C. and is by His hands consecrated according to still hidden rites of the Lord of the Black Cross, the Master Qayin Fossor. This unique Rosarium grants not only the protection and empowerments of the King of Gulgaltha, but also that of the other 12 named Heads of the Mighty Dead, represented in this Rosarium by the 12 carved bone skulls surrounding the large black skull of the Master Himself. This Rosarium is sized so that it shall cover the navel area of the wearer and thus block that point of intrusion during the workings of the Dark Dead or other sorceries performed upon the holy soil of the places of the skulls and bones. This talisman is to be carried around the neck only in connection to the actual spiritual work pertaining to the First Gravedigger’s sphere of influence and must be given the smoke of tobacco and suitable incense during each weekly feeding of the Master’s fetishes, as it holds a seated essence similar to those of the Payé talismans and must be considered as an ensouled fetish in its own right. -SOLD OUT-

Qayin Qatsiyr Bone Talismans

Qayin Qatsiyr Bone Talismans

On this Good Friday we present to the seekers of the Mysteries of the First Akeldama a set of exquisitely hand carved Qayin Qatsiyr Bone Talismans. These talismans that have been consecrated during 49 nights by being submerged in a special Ensouling Tincture of Qayin containing 21 additional enspirited plants elements, making green the otherwise blackish tincture, hold now the Black and Green share of the seated power of our Master’s spiritual essence. These talismans are to be considered as Aspect-Specific Payé Talismans enlinked to the First King of All Black In Green and are most useful tools for the necrosophic sorcerers seeking the Hidden Pneuma of the Plant Kingdom.

Besides bestowing the protection and the blessings of the First Sower and Harvester they also grant certain concealed keys pertaining to the workings of the Black In Green and are connected to and bearers of powers otherwise reached for and manifested through the Green Point of the Skull.

The Qayin Qatsiyr Bones Talismans are strengtheners of the links between the spirits trapped in man and those dwelling within plants and can be employed in different ways during rites of sowing and reaping in order to, by the empowerment granted by the Master, ensure a spiritually fruitful harvest. When used for making Holy Water (according to instructions given in Liber Falxifer II) these talismans can also aid in many of the rites of consecration pertaining to the workings of Qayinite sorcery and can for example empower ritual chalk with which the sigillae of the Legions of Akeldama and the Points opening up as their gates of ingress and egress can be traced.

As these talismans are Qayin Qatziyr’s aspect-specific payés there are also a vast amount of other workings they can employed within, transcending their role as mere talismans, and should as such be considered as proper Spirit Fetishes. They must therefore be treated accordingly and partake of the weekly offerings given to the Master’s Enduring Soul and Blessed Spirit. These talismans are therefore sold only to those that already have entered the Cult of Qayin as they will do outsiders no good and will only bring His venefic maledictions upon such profaners. -SOLD OUT-

T.F.C. Temple of Qayin Emblem Talisman

T.F.C. Temple of Qayin Emblem Talisman

As a commemoration of the publishing of the Book of Anamlaqayin the C.C.B. have received a set of 13 Temple of Qayin Emblems masterfully carved in bone and consecrated via the staining with the Holy Ensouling Tincture of the Thorn-Crowned Master made and applied to each of them by the Magister of the T.F.C.

These talismans depicting the emblem of the Necrosophic Cult of Qayin are usually reserved for the members of the Inner Sanctum of the T.F.C. but are now for the first and last time made available to those who through correct practice have entered the Outer Court of the Temple and are consecrated in such a way that each bone carved talisman bears Qayin's blessings of Protection, Empowerment and Illumination (via His three corresponding Key Sigils of Death) to those who serve Him according to the ruling protocols of the 182 Current, while at the same time being safeguarded by the maleficent shadow of those three blessings which will afflict any who would profane them or possess them without being a faithful venerator of Sancte Qayin.

The seated power of each talisman is similar to that of a traditional Bone Paye Fetish, but with the difference that in this case they are meant to be carried around the neck on a silver chain or a suitable red and black Rosary of Qayin as a Talisman. The seated essence within these wonderful bone talismans are such that they are best kept hung around the neck of the central altar fetish when not in use and during the Monday Night's feeding rituals of the Holy Soul of Sancte Qayin.

A major difference between these talismans and the Payes are also that these ones are not bound the same tabus when it comes to the need of being kept hidden from all outsiders and can be worn freely around the neck after sunset in order to enshroud the bearer with the Enduring Light of our Master Qayin. As each talisman is hand carved there will be slight differences in their shapes, as seen in the photo depicting them in their still unconsecrated forms and as such it will be the providence of His Soul and Spirit which will decide the choice of the talisman sent to each buyer as they will be randomly taken out from the vessel within which they are kept in the name of the buyer.

The size of each talisman is circa 4-4,5cm in diameter and attached to each is a large silver bail suitable for hanging on both chains and rosaries. - SOLD -

Qayin Mortifer - Central Altar Statue

Qayin Mortifer - Central Altar Statue

This one of a kind ceramic statue is sculpted by an initiate of the Temple of Falxifer and loaded and charged according to the esoteric tradition of Qayinite Necrosophy and telestic fetishism. The statue is depicted in its unconsecrated form in the photos, but has now been filled with a powerful mixture of elements from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms that have been fully consecrated and empowered by the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin and then load underneath the statue and sealed with black wax from the Master’s left altar candle. The left hand of the statue holds a model scythe, meant to be replaced by one personally made by its new caretaker, according to the tradition outlined in Liber Falxifer, and its right hand is left empty in order to hold different symbolic tools and objects, like for example the rolled up petition paper shown in the photos or anything else that one needs to place in His hand. The statue is painted in black and white, with a golden base and is circa 39cm tall, very stable and heavy and comes with a special incense blend for its activation, which must take place during a Monday night and be accompanied by the giving of the general offerings, as outlined in Liber Falxifer. This fetish demands dedication and weekly offerings and can in return grant the Master’s full blessings and curses to its faithful venerator and caretaker. -SOLD-

Señor la Muerte Crowned - Statue

Señor la Muerte Crowned - Statue

This ceramic statue, sculpted by an initiate of the Temple of Falxifer according to the aesthetics of the folk-magical cult of Señor la Muerte, is a powerful and worthy representation in all its simplicity and relative primitive form. It is painted wholly black, which gives it a unique look, wears a golden crown sculpted on its cloaked skull and holds a model scythe in its left hand, to be replaced by one made by its caretaker, according to the tradition outlined in Liber Falxifer. The hollowed base of this fetish have been filled with ensouling elements and two rolled up copper talismans bearing the etchings of the Primary Sigil and the Nigromancy Sigil. This fetish of Qayin, even though looking more primitive in form in order to mirror the fetishes of the folk-magical cult, holds the full ensoulment of Qayin and serves perfectly as His central altar statue. This fetish of SLM Crowned comes with a special activation incense, with which it is to be awakened fully during the first Monday night after its arrival to its new caretaker. -SOLD-

Qayin ben Samael - Fetish

Qayin ben Samael - Fetish

The Fetish of Qayin ben Samael, Lord of the Ravens of Death. A large and heavy icon, with a thick base loaded with ensouling herbal, mineral and animal elements, plus all the seven Key Sigils of Death, the Qayin ben Samael, the Nigromancy, the Oreb Zaraq and the esoteric Baaltzelmoth sigils, all ritually inscribed upon sheets of thin copper during the correct planetary hours and fully activated (11 copper sigil scrolls all in all).

This fetish depicting an aspect similar to the one adorning the cover of the Liber Falxifer I is an eidolon connected to highest aspect of the Master, leading via His Moon-Bound Soul to His transcendent Spirit and is suitable for all manners of sorcery connected to the Crossroads of Blood and Fire and the opening of the gates to the Other Side.

The Crown upon His skull signifies His aspect as the Sovereign of Nod and the Monarch of Black Venus, while His iron trident represents the Three-Pointed Spear of Spirit's Revolt or the Sceptre-Key of Akeldama, Gulgaltha and Sitra Ahra. He holds the Scythe of Death in left hand and with arms outstretched in the sign of the Holy Cross personifies the liminal Path of Becoming via the sacrifice of the Clay-Born Ego for the glory of the Unborn Self and the good harvest of the forbidden fruits of Gnosis.

An exceptional fetish suitable only for those who have already received the primary empowerments of the 182 Current.

This Qayin be Samael fetish weighs circa 6 kilo and is 38cm tall. -SOLD-

Anamlaqayin - Statue

Anamlaqayin - Statue

An exclusive and rare Anamlaqayin fetish depicting the merging of the Gold-Crowned Master Qayin with His Rose-Crowned Lady, while still underlying their polarity, tension and attraction that establishes the liminality of their union by showing them in the two-headed aspect, signifying that the telestic form employed within these settings is not in itself their fully unified aspect, but a Point of Power leading to that perfect conjunction of their Spirits in the Nightside.

The powers of the Anamlaqayin fetish are many as it connects both to the Master and the Lady in their separate and individual aspects, but also to a union between the two leading to an expansion of their attributes. The Anamlaqayin can for example Work both the Sigils and Key Sigils of the Master and those of the Lady and governs all their earthly points of power, intersecting them and opening them up on all levels. As such it also requires a Unified Field to grow upon and manifest Their fruits of blessing and bane through, which in the simplest sense demands a correct junction of the rites and offerings that They otherwise would receive in a more separated and individual manner.

This is a fetish reserved for advanced workings and dedicated devotees of the Master and the Lady, aiding the most faithful and cunning in the establishing of the points of manifestation for the illumination of the Black Light of Divinity, guiding them through the Path of Thorns, Bones and Fire.

The fetish holds 21 activated copper sigil scrolls and 21 enspirited plant elements as its magical load and carries an iron trident, a scythe, a Blackthorn wand and the skull of the First Sacrifice in its hands. It is duly consecrated during 49 consecutive nights and blessed with the Secret and Holy Ensouling Tincture of Anamlaqayin on each of the 7 Friday Nights that it is empowered upon the altar. -SOLD-

Necromancy - Oil

Necromancy - Oil

The C.C.B. Necromancy Oil is offered in 15ml bottles, each also containing a small amount of the plant and minerals from the original oil vessel, in order to further strengthen the enlinkments. As the contents of each bottle is connected to the forces, guardians and the One King of All Cemeteries it is advisable to give the oil offerings of incense and tobacco each Monday night, in connection to the feedings of the dead and the workings of Our Master, the Holy Saint of Death. -SOLD OUT-

The Calvary Cross Botanica offers now its first batch of Necromancy Oil to its clients. This oleum was put together on the night of the 31st of October, when each component first was consecrated and awakened to its cause, upon the points and in the names of the Holy Saint of Death, and then mixed with the carrier oil. Into the oil vessel a Black Ironwood Paye of SLM and two copper talismans connected to the Necromantic Work were also added, in order to enlink the oil directly to the seated aspects of the Master's spiritual essence, by the power of both His Earthbound Soul and His Transcendent Spirit.

The powers of the Lord of the Mound/the King of Gulgaltha and His Ghostly Retinue were then evoked and directed into the oil, by the authority of His Sceptre of the Shadows of Death and all elements placed within the oil vessel were made into One, by the grace of the Master of both the Mighty and the Dark Dead.

This oil vessel was then placed upon the Green Point of the Skull and became further empowered every night, for 31 nights in a row, by the smoke being given to it, flames being set around and upon it and by the incantations directed to the Host of the Mighty Dead, entreating them to charge and bless it.

When those 31 nights passed the oil vessel was shaken each following night over the smoke of a Necromantic Incense, while the Master and His Retinue were prayed to and entreated to empower the oil and give it its specified attributes and powers, being the following:

To summon, evoke, make known, make visible to the eyes or the Eye and to gather the shade or shades of the dead called upon. To strengthen and focus their powers and direct it, in accordance to the sorcerer's will, towards the dreaming or awaken mind of the living. To direct the dead, according to the Laws of Qayin, to execute magical deeds and answer truly to questions posed to them. To possess the power to anoint and bless the Altar and the holy Fetishes of the Dead, in order to strengthen all their manifestations and also to fuel Spirit-Lanterns and Candles used during the rites of both Infernal and High Necromancy. To grant the full necromantic empowerments and blessing, all in the name of the First Gravedigger, Our Master Qayin!

This continued until the Winter Solstice Night, when the oil vessel was brought to a cemetery and there placed upon a liminal point, in the name of the Lord of the Black Cross and the King of the Mound. There incense was lit and candles set around and upon the oil vessel. The work was encircled with the Bellicum Sceptre of the Owner of the Mounds and all powers allied to Our Work were called upon to attend and seal the charge into the oil, on that Holy Night.

After invocations and prayers had been recited the whole area encompassing the Work became thrice encircled by His Wand and the powers of the hundreds of graves surrounding it became sealed and directed towards the oil vessel. The Master and His Servant, the Guardian of the Cemetery Gate and the First Dead, were then called upon to come and give their final blessings, and so they did and glances of the shades and shapes gathering within the circle could at that point be seen. Thus the Work was done and could ritually be concluded, according to the protocols and tabus governing such proceedings.

The oil vessel was then taken back to the Temple where it again became placed upon an appropriate 'point' and a black candle was lit directly upon its lid, in order to seal the consecration and the empowerments. During that night and the night following both spiritual and more tangible manifestations occurred in the Temple that for us proved the potency of the oil in question...

A small amount of this oil is now made available for purchase, to those amongst our clients who would need such necromantic tool for their Necrosophic Work. Please do not mistake these kinds of oils with simple 'Voodoo/Hoodoo oils', as there are no similarities when it comes to how they have been made and with what they have been charged. In certain other esoteric traditions oil such as this are even used as talismans and just carried around in black pouches when their influences are sought, as the spiritual powers within the oil, stretching from the Green Point of the Skull to the Black Points of Gulgaltha, is strong enough to cause effect without even having to be used for actual anointing. To just shake the bottle of such oil and pray to the powers imbuing it is enough to cause certain effects.

For orders and inquiries write to the following email address