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Black and Golden Necromantic Spirit Seated on Skulls

Black and Golden Necromantic Spirit Seated on Skulls

This black Necromantic Skull Spirit fetish is loaded with a mixture of magical herbal powders and woods, mixed with necromantic elements such as ashes of 32 ghosts, 108 different grave soils, bone powder, corpse hair, oil from a corpse and soils from 7 cemeteries, 7 ancient Khmer castles, 7 market places, 7 gambling dens and many more such elements employed within the ancient art of Cambodian Necromancy, with a specific addition of elements possessing the power to cast the spells of love-witching and cause sexual attraction.

The pair that we have to offer are from the Master Practitioner Batch, and have a piece of special red cloth around their necks, the significance of this will be disclosed to the buyer.

The black aspect of this Skull Spirit is beside the bringing of success, windfall luck, attraction, sexual enchantment, the empowerment of the sixth sense and the ability to intuitively hear the warnings and advices of the ghostly force seated within it is also focused upon the cause of Protection, standing guard and fortifying one's whole home against astral attacks and hostile spirits.

The golden one on the other hand is specifically for gamblers, people into nightlife and shady business and those that need to get an upper hand when doing business negotiations, as the power of this spirit can advice its caretaker, but also confound and confuse his/hers opponents in the areas of both gambling and economical negotiations.

Both the black and golden versions possess the power to attract both customers and sexual partners and can therefore be employed within the context of folk-magical workings aimed attraction, enchantment and the manifestation of abundance.

Business owners can also keep this fetish upon a hidden altar inside of their store, nightclub or casino in order to bring in the right kind of customers and avoid different forms of trouble…

Instructions, incantations and further information will be offered to the buyer. -SOLD-

Golden Gamblers Skull Spirit Fetish

Khmer Necromancy Whispering Ghost Skull Talisman

Khmer Necromancy Whispering Ghost Skull Talisman

This Khmer Necromancy Whispering Ghost Skull Talisman have been created by a venerated master practitioner of the syncretistic Buddhist-Animist forms of sorcery practiced by the laypersons and monks that can gain insights into the ancient mysteries related to the lingering dead and to how they can be made to serve their caretakers, in order to for themselves also gain elevation and purification via the rewards they will attain because of their faithful service. These necromantic practices are not malefic and are instead believed to be wholly benefic, even if the rituals may be perceived by outsiders as gruesome, as very often corpse-elements are employed in different ingenious manners not really approachable outside of the cultural contexts within which these kinds of traditions still live on.

This specific talisman that we have for offer here is a so called Whispering Ghost, as one of its main functions is to strengthen the sixth sense of the owner and intuitively warn the owner and caretaker for different forms of dangers, but also give hints about matter related to chance, luck and opportunities which should be seized. Gamblers can for example, after having established proper contact with the Soul within this skull, gain from having such an invisible assistant standing by their side.

The other areas of the virtues of this talisman pertains mainly to the realm of protection against astral attacks, the shielding against other souls of the dead, the increasing of "luck" by the elimination of, or fortification against, negative influences that otherwise would afflict the owner and the granting of general guidance in relation to that which is asked of it.

A special use of this kind of talisman that we at the C.C.B. have developed is to use it as a necromantic pendulum, this based on the form and relevant contents of the talisman, but also because of the fact that it is meant to empower one's sixth sense, possess souls and links to spirits and grant intuitive guidance.

The powder and soil mixture that this talisman is made of is extremely potent and contains elements from cemeteries, fields of harvest, gambling dens, market places and ashes from 7 different adult dead, seven different adolescent dead, a powder consisting of 108 secret components and a piece of forehead bone from a strong ghost that act as the main mind of this talisman, in addition to all this also scrolled talisman conjuring the dead to work according to the purpose of the talisman have been added into the load that it carries at the back and the power of the Whispering Ghost Skull was then finally sealed by the marking of the sacred letters and seals upon the final form of the loaded skull.

This talisman has been encased in a waterproof reliquary, into which necromantic oil was added before its sealing, this in order to further empower and feed the souls, spirits and elementals that ride this Necromantic Whispering Ghost Skull Talisman.

Information concerning the use and caretaking of this talisman will be provided to the buyer. -SOLD-

Burning Ghost Mother Skull Rider Necromantic Talisman

Burning Ghost Mother Skull Rider Necromantic Talisman

This necromantic talisman offered as part of our Asian Sorcery Line is a beautiful and more importantly powerful talisman created by the mixture of a magical powders consisting of a huge amount of different rare ingredients only available to Khmer necromancers and the master magician, or even Buddhist monks, which have initiation into such lineages of animist witchcraft.

The main elements of which this talisman consist of are related to the dead, followed by an impressive amount of 108 different herbs and woods mixed in order cause the indented focus on the sorcerous powers that this talisman emits.

The necromantic elements, and the means through which souls are seated into this item, are amongst others bone ashes belonging to a cremated woman who died during pregnancy, corpse hair, bones from seven different corpses, soil from seven different cemeteries, necromantic oils and other very exotic elements that would be nearly impossible to access by Western Magicians.

Talismanic scrolls containing magical yantra empowering the talisman and written incantations are also part of the load and adornment of this talisman.

The virtues of this talisman is to bestow charm and sexual attraction, good luck, sixth sense and warning of danger and the power of making wishes to the soul of the Ghosts Mother after contact have been established.

Instructions and further information will be given to the buyer. We also have a black edition of the same talisman, containing this time around a larger amount of elements enlinking even more firmly to the soul of a specific ghost, making the power of this batch of black talismans more intense and focused. -SOLD-

Jengloth Vampire Spirit Fetishes

Jengloth Vampire Spirit Fetishes

We have received two traditional and authentic Indonesian Jengloth vampire Spirit fetishes that we now make available to our clients.

These spirit effigies are according to the popular folklore believed to be actual creatures or shrunk corpses of ancient warlocks who in their strive for immortality have become cursed earthbound spirits tied to their physical remains (or representations).

The legend states that in order to become immortal these shamans/warlocks/ascetics isolated themselves inside caves and made pacts with demons in order to achieve their goal, but because of their unlawful approach they became cursed and bound to their corpses, which the earth itself rejected and did not want to receive and because of that they became imprisoned inside caves, forests, tree trunks and other such loci and forced to drink of the life-blood of other creatures in order to gain any power in the world of the living.

The mummified remains of these vampires are found by magicians that in dreams are guided to them or by those who through a series of rituals are lead to the places where the "shrunken mummified remains" of these creatures lies hidden and forgotten.

These vampire fetishes are most often kept for protection, good luck (they are known to be able to fetch wealth), for the enchantment of the opposite sex and in some cases also for the manipulation of other people's dreams and for different forms of assault sorcery by the amoral practitioners of black magic.

The jengloths demand weekly offerings of blood, incense and flame and if they are not given their offerings they are rumoured to roam about and take that which they thirst and hunger for, in some cases from their own neglectful owners.

Some say that the nails and hair of these fetishes keep growing as they are perceived to be living/undead corpses, but we do not know about that and will not make any such claims.

For us at the CCB these fetishes are just that; Fetishes made of organic matter from different species, with hair taken from human corpses and then infused with the spirit of a Vampiric Dead by the Bomoh/Sorcerer that have ensouled and consecrated them.

We do not in other words sell these as 'shrunken corpses' but instead as fetishes attracting and containing a specific kind of Dark Dead that can serve as a Famulus of the necromancer that know how to handle such souls.

Specific instructions about their use, awakening and feeding will be given to the buyer. Each of our Jengloth comes with its own small miniature magical dagger that signifies its highlighted and empowered attributes related to both magical defence and offence. -SOLD-

Khmer Necromancy Ghost-Mother Corpse Fetish

Khmer Necromancy Ghost-Mother Corpse Fetish

This Ghost-Mother fetish is the first of a collection of Asian necromancy and sorcery items that we will make available to our clients.

This Ghost-Fetish is made according to the Khmer tradition of necromancy, which is one of the strongest and most extreme magical traditions of that part of the world, often employing bones, blood, flesh, corpse oil, ashes and other corpse elements in order to seat a restless dead within a vessel in order to give it an opportunity to serve the living that follow the protocols of its own binding and in return receive offerings, stability and finally elevation.

This specific fetish that we now make available contains the soul of a woman that has died in childbirth, making the spirit very fierce and powerful. Besides containing links to that lady specifically, such as a fragment of forehead bone, it also holds empowering elements such as the ashes of seven other women connected to the same kind of death, soils from seven different graves locally known to be haunted by the ghosts of restless women, necromantic herb powders and some other secret ingredients serving to stabilize the manifestation of the ghost through the small corpse fetish.

The Purpose of this Ghost-Mother fetish is to guard one's house or place of business, protect against intruders, thieves and other unwelcome "guests" and to take care of and look after the household, but also to bring luck, success in business ventures and attract wealth.

The magical spell/formula for working this Ghost-Mother and the instructions for her caretaking will be given to the buyer, but she does demand weekly offerings of libation, candle, incense, water and also as reward for her services some items that could please a lady, such as perfume, jewellery, makeup, mirror, flowers etc. -SOLD-

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