The Sixth Emanation of
the Sanctuary of the Black Light series:

The Ikon of Tubal Qayin Azazel

On this Walpurgis Night we would like to take the opportunity to announce the continuation of the Sanctuary of the Black Light's Qayinite Line of Consecrated Ikons series, once again manifesting one of the Spiritual Visions of Magister N.A-A.218, as given form to by the guided and blessed hands of the Artist.

This time the Qayinite Line of Ikons continues into the realm of the Mighty Dead, where the Crossroads to the Other Side opened through the Unfated Azothic Addition caused by the union of the Awakened Irin and the Children of Qayin, specified here by the Fiery Crossing of Azazel with Tubal-Qayin.

Through the Transgressive Spiritual Point of their Kelim-Shattering Avataric Union the Angelic Fire added to the Black Flame of Tubal-Qayin expanded to such degree that the Fires of Revolution ignited could only be quenched by the Demiurge's drowning of the whole world, signifying a most potent Invasive Point of Entry through which the Other God could, via the Chosen Ones amongst the Nephilimic-Qayinite Bloodline, shine the Black Light into the dim Cosmic Creation and bring about such a revolutionary/evolutionary awakening that forced the creator to regret, during a flash of clarity, his own defective creating.

Within the Qayinite Tradition the union of Azazel and Tubal-Qayin signify the At-Azothic conjugation of two harmonious aspects of the Awakened Spirit, one Fallen from Above and the other Risen from Below, which brought about a Power that could not be contained within the Imprisoning Vessels of Causal Being and signalled the Apotheosis of the Perfecter of the Work of Qayin, linking this Ikon esoterically from the Ancestral Stations of Nod suited within the "Line of Gulgaltha" to and through some of the most elevated ones within the "Fiery Blood and Black Light Line" crossing over to Sitra Achra.

There are as such esoteric inclusions within this telestic image connecting the ikon of Tubal-Qayin Azazel with the teachings offered in Liber Falxifer III - The Book of the 52 Stations of Nod and it embodies as such the Ever Unfolding Gnosis of the Current 218/182/2182.

Within the Vision Manifested as Ikon we see here the depiction of the titanic-promethean figure of Holy Azazel towering behind that of Tubal-Qayin, with the Black Flame of Awakened Spirit burning between his majestic horns, holding in his left hand the Torch of Luciferian Fire ignited by the Black Light of the Other God that he (Azazel) upon the summit of the Sacred Mountain of Descent swore an Oath of Fidelity and Alliance to, while in his right hand holding the Trident of Nachashel, entwined by the Two-Headed Serpent of Wisdom, paralleling that of the Thrice Great One, but within this context codifying Other Mysteries.

Azazel is further revealed as Raven Winged to signify his origins from the Heavens while at the same time through the blackness of the feathers also underline the Exile he freely entered into. He is furthermore depicted wearing a golden armour of a Warrior Angel, emphasising his attributions as partially given in the Book of Enoch, where he is described to have: "...taught men the art of warfare, of making swords, knives, shields, and coats of mail...", and upon his vestment are the Seals of His Ensouling, through which his light is made to possess that which through the Telestic Rites are consecrated to him, with the addition of a Qayinite Cross-Seal, disclosing the revelation of this whole Vision as part of the magical workings related overtly to that one Station of Nod.

Around Azazel's neck hangs a golden talisman depicting his own Nephilimic Seal, being a Spirit Signature given to and through the Nephilim and those of the Bloodline of Qayin, as another means via which the devout ritually can initiate communion with the forces depicted in the Ikon.

In the forefront of the Ikon we see our beloved Tubal Qayin, the Blacksmith possessing so many traits in common with Azazel that they should be considered as the once terrestrial and heavenly reflections of a similar (if not the same) facet of divinity. Tubal is here envisioned and depicted as bearing the stigmata of the Seal of the Mark of Qayin on his forehead, with the usual "Half Life-Half Death" visage of the Sainted Ones of Qayin, signifying virtues and attainments hinted at throughout the Liber Falxifer books, placing him beyond the limitations of both such conditions of being, through his Becoming of the/that Other; In-Between and Ultimately Beyond.

Tubal Qayin is furthermore shown in the flayed-skin apron of the Blacksmith, holding his hammer in the left hand with which he strikes upon the fiery iron shaped into a sword's blade, held upon the anvil marked with the Tridecagram signifying the foundation of all relevant forging of both our Tools of Harvest and Weapons of War, Conquest and Liberation. The furnace itself is not depicted without but within Tubal Qayin himself, as the fire heating and aiding in the forging of the metal by the force of the hammer is something internal and wholly related to the Fiery Blood seething within him.

The Blacksmith is depicted as standing and working upon a Mound of Skulls, upon which also are strewn about the tools and weapons of his own making and breaking. This mountain of skulls, connects again to the Mysteries of the Stations of Nod, as disclosed in Liber Falxifer III, overtly with Gulgaltha as a whole but more specifically with some of its stations, while from another perspective they are also to be understood as a chthonic reflection of Azazel's Mount Hermon, here seemingly mirroring its underworldly nadir, which in folklore for us is linked up to via the codifications speaking of the Secret Place of the Witches Sabbath, where the Black Goat with Fire Between his Horns still is celebrated by the Kin of Qayin as the Illuminator and the Liberator of those that can descend into the Depths of the Mountain of Darkness and climb to its summit of Shining Black Light.

While the individual parts of the Ikon are relevant and interesting it is only as a whole that it opens up as a Point of Gnosis and Revelation of Spirit. This Ikon is as such meant to adorn altars erected for the veneration of the Mighty Dead of the Current 2182 generally and for the reverence of and workings with the Nephilimic Forces specifically, as by the inclusion of Tubal Qayin's presence the Qayinite must through this Holy Ikon perceive the Immanent Point of Ingress, branding each of the Cross-Bearers of Qayin as the Enduring Spirits through which the Mighty Dead remain Ever Alive.

+ + + + + + +

For the marking and blessing of this Ikon Magister N.A-A.218 consecrated an ensouled ink during the period spanning from Holy Thursday to the Walpurgis Night, when the ensoulment of the ink become sealed by the culmination of the ceremonies of that night, focusing on mysteries related to the essence of this Ikon of Tubal Qayin Azazel (and their female counterparts in the union of/with Na-Ama-Hema).

Amongst the many sympathetic elements employed for the making of this Magical Ink can the following ones be mentioned, in order to give the few that have an actual interest into these matters a glimpse of how such foundations for ensouling and enlinkment are established:

Goat's blood and bones attained through the rites of sacrifice, Snake's heart's blood, bone and skin attained through similar means of correct martyring, Soil from Crossroads bearing the Imprint of Azazel's hoof (meaning a place where he has been evoked, actually manifested and venerated), Anvil dust from an anvil that have been kept in work for over 100 years, Precipitado Negro and Rojo consecrated and charged according to esoteric tradition for the inclusion of certain alchemical virtues related to their quickening of the Two Flames worked with, a mixture of the Seven planetary metals in powdered form, Iron oxide, Brimstone, Ashes from burnt talismans drawn on goat skin parchment, a secret combination of plant essences of greatest relevance and much more that will not be divulged publicly.

This ink has been empowered upon the crossroads in the wilderness, upon the hilltops, blessed upon the Point of Tubal Qayin focused on through the Altar of the Mighty Dead and consecrated beneath the fetishes and the Holy Skull of Azazel, all in accordance with the current-specific rites of Qayinite-Nephilimic Sorcery.

Each Ikon of Tubal Qayin Azazel comes marked and numbered with the mentioned Ensouled and Enlinking Ink and those seeking stronger contact with the Essence Embodied by the Ikon are encouraged to mark a cross with blood drawn from their own left hand's middle finger directly over the part on the back of the Ikon stained with Holy Ink, while praying to Tubal Qayin Azazel to recognise any and all Spiritual Blood Familiarity and accordingly grant the Blessings and Curses needed and deserved.

Azza Uzza Azziel Tubal Qayin Azazel!

+ + + + + + +

The Holy Ikons of Tubal Qayin Azazel are made available in a ritually marked and consecrated edition of 70 images, each 45cm x 63cm in size and printed on high quality glossy paper.

Publishing date Walpurgis Night 2017