Ama Lilith

Ama Lilith

Very limited edition of 33 copies which has been made in collaboration with Temple of the Black Light. This stunning image of Ama Lilith is based on their "The Nigthmarish Vision Of Ama Lilith, The Faceless Goddess of Sitra Ahra". This is first of this kind of exclusive artworks printed and published by Ixaxaar, and belongs uniquely to "The Sanctuary" - series consisting of images particularly produced for the service of practitioners, their religious rites of worship, love and adoration shown to our beloved Gods.

Each Ama Lilith image will be consecrated and fumigated with Ensouling Ama Lilith Incense that is made by an Adept of the Current 218 in order to carry the empowerments of the work of Temple of the Black Light- 218 respectively.

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The Nightmarish Vision Of Ama Lilith, The Faceless Goddess of Sitra Ahra

Her Three Right Hands: In the Upper right hand she holds a Castration Tool (bloody scissors) or a teared off and bloody phallus. This Connects her to the adverse and adversal sexuality that have been viewed as something that makes the masculine dayside "god" impotent, but it also have deeper meanings on all levels and connect Ama Lilith to the demonic sexuality of the dark primal feminine. This sexuality is that which dominates and subdues the male/solar sexual force and is therefore (among many other things) a symbol for Ama Lilith as the antithesis of the submissive Eve and Shekinah and their virginal libido that are dominated by Adam and Yhwh. On a more mundane and exoteric level the scissors represent her role as the castrator who takes away the sexual heat and virility of those who reject her essence and her amoral and liberating impulses.

In her middle right hand she holds a hanging noose made out of an umbilical cord. In this noose a foetus or a very young child (less than 6 month old) is hanged by the neck. This represents Ama Lilith's connection to abortion, crib death, the stillborn and barrenness in woman. Once again these things represent her as the Dark Mother that gives birth to death and through death grants rebirth into her own kingdom. The child that she snatches away before it can be given birth to in Malkuth will become one of Ama Lilith's 'Lilim' in Gamaliel (there is a deeper meaning connected to this symbolism that is understood or not, depending on one's own level of initiation and gnosis). This also connects Ama Lilith to the antithesis of the 'mother of man' and makes her the mother of the shadows of those who are 'killed within the womb and resurrected within the tomb'. The hanged foetus in her hand represents how Ama Lilith acts as the antithesis of cosmic procreation and shows that she is the one that stops the emanations of the motherly moon of Yesod before they can fully manifest in Malkuth. The noose is also in certain ways connected to Ama Lilith's Arachnidia aspects and her Webs of The Black Moon.

In her lower right hand she holds a torn out and still beating, blood-dripping and burning heart. This heart is the symbol for all the passions that Ama Lilith controls, manipulates and enflames. This burning heart represents some of her blessings and some of her curses and is something that her devotees must receive and later return to her as an offering. The heart is also the place of the temple dedicated to her worship and the flames of love and hate that burn within the heart blaze up for her glory! This heart is connected to the cremation ground which is the place where the forms and outer shells of all desires are burned away in order to reveal their true essence, which only can be realized through Ama Lilith.

Her Three Left Hands: In her upper left hand she holds a candle or a torch burning with a black flame. This is her Flame of Wisdom and Destruction. Through this flame she enlightens without casting any shadows and bring destruction to the demiurgic lies that conceal Her Luciferian Truth. The flame also represents the power of Satan-Lucifer that is manifested and born through Ama Lilith. This black flame is a manifestation of The Black Light or the anti-cosmic impulse of the primal Chaos that has given birth to the whole Sitra Ahra and with this flame of that black light in her hand Ama Lilith is The Queen of The Flames of Hell! The black flame of the candle/torch is also connected to certain aspects of Daath as the gate to her womb and represents many other aspects of the hidden essence of her mysteries.

In her middle left hand she holds the Grail or chalice filled with her dark elixir. This bloodstained chalice contains Ama Lilith's essence of the black moon and her poison, which can bestow true initiation into her darkest mysteries or cause madness and death to both soul and spirit. This chalice is her 'Cup of Abominations' that carries within it the red and the black wine of her fornication intermingled with the flaming seed of Samael. The chalice is also connected to the Dragon Force, the nightside astral realm and the gate to Gamaliel. Many other mysteries are connected to her cup and will be revealed through initiation and Ama Lilith's blessings.

In her lower left hand she holds the black fire serpent of forbidden knowledge and wisdom. This serpent represents Ama Lilith's ophitic forms and powers but also her power and control over the 'fallen serpent in man'. This fire serpent is the same as Kaalshakti or Kundalini of Vedic traditions and is the part of her power that burns within all her children. This serpent is the giver of the fruits of the Tree of Daath/Death and is the power that when awakened through the blessing of Ama Lilith will reunite the black flames within with the black fires without and make man into one of 'the Serpents of Sitra Ahra'. As long as this serpent is asleep man will be in sefirotic bondage, but when the serpent is awakened man will cast off his worldly shell and rise as a Dragon of Fire, ready to be reborn into the Nightside through the womb of Ama Lilith.

Her Body: Ama Lilith's nude and dragon winged body is corpse-pale. Her face is a formless shadow radiating luminous darkness. Her breast are round and firm, overfilled with the nectar of her ophitic poison. Her long jet black hair hangs freely behind her shoulders down past her hips. From her Yoni flows her blessed blood (red or black) and creates a dark pool in front of her blood smeared feet. Within this dark pool of blood the contour of Ama Lilith's beautiful body is reflected in the shape of an inverted nine pointed star.

Very large size work, 45cm width and 63cm height. Expensively produced image, lavishly pressed on high-class glossy paper.