The Book of the 52 Stations of the Crosses of Nod

The Third Book of Falxifer focuses in its entirety on the Four Lines of the Necrosophic Qayinite Path and upon the aspects and virtues of the Master and what we within the Current 182 understand as being His main Points of Becoming and Overcoming, disclosing for the first time the specific essences presented earlier in the necessitated more 'general forms of codifications' that had to be employed before this current state of the unfolding of the Path of Reddened Thorns, Gilded Bones and Black Fire.

Liber Falxifer III reveals, as a third step in the external processes of Sowing the Initiatic Seeds of the Great Internal Work of Qayin's Temple, not only in a complete manner the Three Lines of Nod treated to different degrees within the earlier books, but also here for the first time discloses in full the previously only hinted at Outlaw Line of Transgression, showing the relevancy of the symbolic addition of the X in FalXifer, as related to the totality of the Four Lines of Nod, opening at the Hidden Core of their intersection the Quintessential and Liminal Fifth Point of Spirit and its Atazothic empowerments towards Liberation.

Within this First Complete Grimoire of Qayin the Lines of the Blood Acre, Transgression, Place of the Skull and that of Fiery Blood and Black Fire establishes thus the Cross and Cross-Roads of Salvation and Damnation, by the Blessing and the Curse, upon and through which the Qayinite can follow, commune with, emulate, attain, accomplish and transform in accordance with the 4x13 aspects of our Master, as made known through the Gnosis of His K-Ainsophic Current 182.

Liber Falxifer III - The Book of the 52 Stations of the Crosses of Nod presents to those that seek Initiation into the Qayinite Mysteries the words/names/titles of His Name, as related to the 13 Stations of each of the Four Lines of Nod, granting with each a specific Cross-Seal that by the way of the governing treaties connect those that may unlock them to the Hidden Points, indelibly marked upon, within and beyond this world by the footsteps of our Saint Qayin.

Much is within this book clearly disclosed and outlined, but as Tradition dictates even more is hinted at, allowing the cunning to build work upon work based on the lore that conceals and reveals the esoteric essence of the Path and offer instructions for the Initiatory Labours that one need to undertake in order for the Keys of Liberation to be Forged by the Fire of Spirit and Quenched in the Blood of Sacrifice.

Liber Falxifer III - The Book of the 52 Stations of the Crosses of Nod is divided in Four Parts, each consisting of 13 chapters, outlining not only a most detailed description of the Qayin of the Necrosophic/Ainsophic Tradition, His Work and Powers, but also in different degrees of both covert and overt presentation the telestic imagery that shall become employed within workings beyond what is specifically instructed, such as a whole system of Qayinite Path-Working, Contemplation and Meditation, meant to grant further revelations and insights into Ethos and Spirit of the Gnostic Death-Cult of those that seek Unfated Empowerments otherwise far beyond the reach of the living.

Amongst the more clearly visible teachings within this Book of the 52 Stations of the Crosses of Nod are those pertaining to the branches of Akeldama's sorcery and its the Kingdom of the Black In Green, spanning between the poles of all Venefica and Benefica as attained by those that would sow and reap as Qayin once did, the practical antinomian workings of the Line of Transgression and its opposition against Unjust and Corrupt Law, aiding in its nadir the outlaw towards success and victory and elevating in its zenith such justified villains towards Sainthood, the Necromantic and Necrosophic operations of the Gulgaltha Line, as related to all of the main Points and Mysteries of the Cemetery and the Cultivation and Sorcery of the Dead and finally the Luciferian and Gnostic workings of the Red and Black Line of Fiery Blood and Black Light, disclosing the Gift and Path of the Firstborn of the Holy Serpent Nachashel through Eve, outlining the Infernal/Divine Points of the Tortuous Track leading to and from Sitra Achra.

The system outlined in Liber Falxifer III will be approachable for all those that already cultivate according to the earlier teachings of the Temple of Qayin (T.F.C.) and will cast light where before obscurity still prevailed, offering the means for many years, if not a whole lifetime, of exploration and needful application of the share of Saint Qayin's power that He based upon the Covenant with Death and Pact with Azerate have made available to those that do His Work and manifest His Will.

Regular Edition of 1300 copies

Regular Edition: Hardcover book, in black cloth with a gold stamping of Insignia of The Lord of the Crossroads of Nod on the cover, black embossed endpapers, black ribbon bookmark. Fullcolour dustjacket. 276 pages. First Edition of 1300 copies, each book consecrated and hand numbered. -SOLD OUT-

Deluxe Edition of 72 copies

Deluxe Edition: Limited edition of 72 leatherbound copies. Handbound in full black goatskin with handmade endpapers, 24 carat gold gilding, black silk ribbon bookmark. Gold stamped with 'the Grand Esoteric Cross-Seal of the Majesty of the Intersecting Paths of Nod' on the cover. Each grimoire is consecrated and hand numbered with the unified Ensouling Ink of the Kingdoms of Nod and comes with a Medallion Talisman of Qayin, related to the Outlaw's Path of the Exiled. -SOLD OUT-