Study on the Being & Essence of Satan
and on the Occult Philosophy
in Six Parts

Written by Johannes Nefastos

First printing publishing date 20.3.2013
Second printing publishing date 7.7.2016

One of the most intellectually sophisticated and in-depth texts of modern Satanism/ Left Hand Path and its spirituality ever produced. This valuable occult study delves the student of the Left Hand Path into a comprehensive philosophical system providing a Study on the Being & Essence of Satan, exploring topics such as the Philosophy of God, Philosophical Anthropology, Eschatology, Metaphysics, Cosmology, and various other subjects of Satanism and Mysticism that will guide the serious seeker to form a complete worldview. With the aim of total unity and of understanding opposites, considering even the most wrathful arguments of the downward path of the soul's death in an unbiased way, Fosforos seeks to build on the fundamental doctrine of Oneness: the quintessences of both the Right Hand Path and the Left Hand Path are herein joined into one amalgam, as they have always been in the heart of a true aspirant.

Fosforos begins with the principle of absolute unity in its first part, Polyharmonia- The Philosophy of Oneness. The second part, Discordamelior- The Philosophy of Perdition discusses the fundamental problem of seeming duality, the breach within the cosmic harmony, manifesting itself as Evil. In the third part, Necrosophia - The Philosophy of Death, the almost collapsed and already rotten state of the world we know is observed as leading towards purifying Death and Rebirth. The fourth part, Pentagrammaton - The Consistency of Man and the Practice of Magic, turns its attention towards the microcosm and man as the demiurge, capable of harnessing his mental prowess for the work of very deep and real magical creation. It also explores how this hermetic and metaphysical worldview can be studied with a rational mindset. The fifth part, Cista Mystica - The Symbology of Satanism, introduces several important Satanic themes and symbols, like Demonology, the problem of universal paradox and suffering, and the prophesied coming of the Antichrist. The last of the book's parts, Legifer & Clavis Magica, gives us a law and scheme to reach out for a higher and more permanent kind of self-realization and occult development, along with the key or Magic formula with which to utilize that development with the aid of Prayers and Spells both in the work of theurgy or the Divine Magic and Goetia or the magic worked with the aid of Elemental or, as they are called, Demonic powers.

The translation is based on the revised Finnish edition, including the commentary given in the form of extensive footnotes and forming "the seventh book" of Fosforos. Also included is an appendix giving a brief and clear definition of the Hieroglyphic Key of the Seven Principles, and another concerning the post-mortem states of a human being.

The six different parts of Fosforos each approach from a different perspective the core ideas of the text, namely Satan and the Occult science of Magic. Despite its paradoxical and labyrinthine manner of expression, often using totally opposing arguments to understand and live for the great whole, Fosforos is not written to be just another theoretical study of the Left Hand Path, philosophical treatise, or Satanic Manifesto, but rather is a work for devotional and practical living, should the reader choose to aspire on this narrow path of Ascension.

Large size format, 226 pages,
hardbound in matt black faux leather with a full-color dust jacket and frontispiece. Spine blocked with burning red foil and front cover blind stamped. High quality publication with illustrated endpapers.


Of authorīs views: "World, even its invisible portions, the areas of morals, religion, feelings, and ideals can be intelligently researched, and thus it is possible to gain solid, unconditional knowledge. Occult philosophy is a comprehensive system of research, which can lead an unbiased, unprejudiced person to absolute wisdom. It is a solvent that reinstates all bygone beliefs and ideologies to their primordial state and gives the quality of their subjective truths a spirit of understanding; a skeleton key that unlocks the secrets of nature and soul.

I represent a form of Gnostic, theistic Satanism, which does not exclude morals or spirit, but refines these into what is meaningful and what is needed. For me, the theories of the occult and occult phenomena are solid proven facts, not poetic fiction. What I consider as the best and most efficient way of action is as follows:

Let every man follow his own star (whose very being always derives from a certain archetypal primeval force, i.e. a divine principle), for cleansed from lies and the everyday filth, every true ideology fights for the same end.

My own star is that of Azazel, the bright star of master Lucifer, who stands for the independence of spirit, death of matter, and spiritual and occult power."

The author has written numerous esoteric books in Finnish during the years 1999-2012. He is also founder of The Star of Azazel, a satanic brotherhood conceived of in 1999 and manifested in 2006.